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Finding The Perfect White Tee

The holy grail of wardrobe essentials: the white t-shirt. This may be a humble closet staple, but tracking one down that ticks all the boxes - from fit to comfort - is quite a mission. Owning the perfect tee is better than owning 12 that don't fit quite right so before blindly shopping for your staple white T-shirt, you need to know what you're looking for; keep in mind your body shape and what features you want to emphasise and cover. 

We know that the best white T-shirt needs to be timeless, crisp, soft and lightweight. It needs to be great for layering, lounging and everyday wear while having the versatility to pair back with almost anything in our wardrobe. A perfect tee is one that works all year round - as a base layer under sweaters during the winter and to pair on its own with shorts and skirts in the warmer months. Cut from silky soft bamboo, our white tees fit the bill when it comes to ease, versatility and comfort.

Ready to discover your favourite white t-shirt? Lucky for you, we've designed the perfect one for you. Keep scrolling to find yours!




Eadie Top

Neckline: The soft scoop neckline is low enough for a larger bust and its round shape works well on a smaller chest.

Fit: All-round oversized, relaxed fit; with a true to size cut this tee is not firm or clingy on the body. With its relaxed fit, this tee looks great on all shapes and sizes. 

Sleeve: Slightly longer than a cap sleeve. Due to its oversized nature, the sleeve seamline should hang off the shoulder.

Length: With a relaxed curved bottom hem, this roomy tee is mid-long in length, leaving enough room for hips and a tummy.

Styling: The longer bodice length allows you to experiment with different ways of styling. Tie it up in a simple knot one the side of the waist or simply half tuck the tee into your bottoms.

Fabric: 93% Bamboo Viscose, 7% Spandex | UPF rating of 50+

Pia Top

Neckline: Boat neckline; great for a small to medium bust and those with slender shoulders. The wider neckline passes just below the collarbone and helps balance out a fuller midsection by drawing the eye out towards the shoulders. With a boat neckline, comes a higher neckline, which is ideal if you prefer chest coverage and/or sun protection.

Fit: The bodice tightens below the bust before slightly flaring out to a subtle swing hemline, giving definition to the waist. This is great for a rectangle or column figure to create the illusion of a waist. This tee is true to size, so choose your normal size!

Sleeve: Cap sleeve - if you have a narrow shoulder span a cap sleeve widens the area to help expand the shoulders. Also, if your hips are wider than your shoulders you can wear a cap sleeve to draw the eye up and away from the hip area.

Length: Longer in length; great for tall women or those who want more length in a tee. 

Styling: Add a 3/4 pant or skirt to balance out the long length. Pair it with our Culottes or Nina Side Split Skirt.

Fabric: 93% Bamboo Viscose, 7% Spandex | UPF rating of 50+

V Neck Tee

Neckline: High V neckline; flatters a smaller bust but is also the perfect shape for women with a regular bust. The key to wearing a classic, versatile neckline is to choose the depth of the V that best fits your bust size. Smaller busts should choose a less dramatic plunge, like this high V neck tee. The high V neckline will visually make smaller busts appear larger. 

Fit: Compared to our Belle Tee, the V Neck has a slightly more relaxed bust and bodice. In a true to size fit, this tee skims past the bust to slightly emphasise that area then falls into a relaxed shape. The straight, column like fit is perfect for wider hips and tummies as it brings attention to the bodice while also creating the illusion of a longer torso length.

Sleeve: Relaxed cap sleeve

Length: Longer in length with a relaxed scooped hem that finishes just below the hip; perfect to cover the bottom, disguise a tummy and helps flatter wider hips. The scooped hem is cut shorter on either side, which helps create the illusion of a longer torso.

Styling: All this tee needs is a simple half tuck as the V neckline does all the talking. Pair this tee with our Pocket Pants to work the tuck or wear loosely over the Essential Pants.

Fabric: 93% Bamboo Viscose, 7% Spandex | UPF rating of 50+

Classic V Neck

Neckline: Deep V neckline; this neckline has a slight scoop to elegantly draw attention to the décolletage and shoulders. While everybody can look great in a V-neck, a deep V neckline is best suited to larger busts to elongate and balance their silhouette while helping make a larger bust seem smaller. If your neck is already quite long, you may want to add a cami underneath for a balancing effect. 

Fit: Boyfriend styled fit; this tee has an overall relaxed fit with slight structure around the waist. In fact, all of our Australian Made styles all have the same boyfriend fit. The fabric combination of organic cotton and bamboo viscose will elegantly fall off the body and won't cling to the body whilst the relaxed shape is designed for ease and versatility. Our Australian Made tees are a true fit so choose your normal size.

Sleeve: Relaxed short sleeve that slightly flares out. These sleeves won't hug the arms!

Length: Long in length with a straight all round hem; the longer length makes this tee perfect to be tied at the waist or tucked into your bottoms. This tee is the longest lengthed tee in our Australian Made T-Shirt collection.

Styling: Wear this style tucked into a flowy Midi Skirt. The longer length allows you to pair with simple leggings and makes the perfect outfit if you're getting active. 

Fabric: 70% Bamboo Viscose, 30% Organic Cotton

Classic Crew Neck

Neckline: High, round neckline; this classic neckline will accentuate your face and shoulders and are best suited for small to medium sized busts, those with longer necks and wider shoulders.

Fit: Boyfriend styled fit; just like all our Australian Made tees this tee has an overall relaxed fit with slight structure around the waist. The relaxed fit will drape beautifully on athletic and tall frames while the structured waist flatters pear, hourglass, and rectangle body shapes.

This fuss free classic tee will work as your wardrobe staple all year round, perfect for layering or wearing on its own! True to size fit.

Sleeve: Standard short sleeve; this sleeve falls off the shoulder into a straight sleeve.

Length: Short in length with a straight hem that finishes at the hip. Even though its shorter in length, this tee can still be tucked into your pants or skirt. This tee is the shortest length tee in our Australian Made Collection.

Styling: This classic tee will go with absolutely everything in your wardrobe! It's high crew neck and straight short sleeves make it perfect for styling under overalls or a structured dress. This simple crew neck will also look great under a blazer and with a pair of jeans for a polished look.

Fabric: 70% Bamboo Viscose, 30% Organic Cotton

Shorter Tee

Neckline: High crew neckline. This tee is perfect for those wanting full coverage across the chest and shoulders as it features a slightly higher neckline than your average crew neck tee.

Fit: Cropped, semi-boxy cut which is slightly fitted at the bust, then falls into a relaxed shape.
As the name suggests, this is a shorter tee but isn't a midriff. If you are petite or prefer a shorter length tee that doesn't need tucking in, then this is the tee for you! If your torso is on the shorter side, it'll fit like a regular top.

 We recommend choosing a size up if you prefer a slightly looser fit around the bust, neck and shoulders.

Sleeve: Short, semi-fitted sleeves with a rolled hemmed. 

Length: Cropped-shorter length with a scooped hem that sits just below the waist. This shorter length tee will visually extend the legs of petite figures.

Styling: This tee works well with anything high-waisted. Pair it with our Lana Skirt or Luxe Wide Leg Pants or wear over the Ruched Tank Dress. If you're pairing it with a flowy dress, try tieing a knot in the centre to sculpt the waist and balance out proportions. If you're opting for a fitted dress, leave as is or play around with tieing too!

Fabric: 93% Bamboo Viscose, 7% Spandex | UPF rating of 50+

Classic Scoop Neck

Neckline: Deep scoop neckline; the deeper, wider neckline draws the eye downward, lengthening your neck and accentuating your collarbone. Scoop necks are great for all bust types, those with shorter necks or decolletages and best suited to athletic, pear, hourglass and petite shapes.

Fit: Boyfriend styled fit; looser fit than the typical womens tailored styles with slight structure around the waist.

Sleeve: Like our Classic V Neck, the sleeves on this style are relaxed and slightly flare out. This tee is a great option if you don't like sleeves that are tight or restrictive; the sleeves on our Classic Scoop Neck won't hug the arms.

Length: Classic mid length style; its relaxed, slightly scooped front hemline allows room for the hips and tummy to make sure you feel confident and comfortable all day long. The back length features a scooped hemline that is slightly longer than the front and covers the buttocks.

Styling: This scoop neckline makes this tee versatile and timeless. Dress it up for the office or dinner by tucking it into wide leg pants or a flowy maxi skirt. For a more casual look, pair it with our Pocket or Peggy Pants.

Fabric: 70% Bamboo Viscose, 30% Organic Cotton

Essential Scoop Tee

Neckline: Scoop neckline; the deeper neckline shows off your collarbone and reveals a bit of cleavage, making the scoop-neck the perfect piece for visually lengthening a shorter torso. If you've got broad shoulders a scoop neckline takes the attention away from that area and brings it to the neckline. Add a point of interest to the neckline with a choker necklace or pendant. 

Fit: Fitted style; this tee is a figure hugging style that can act has a base layer under tops, sweaters or cardigans. This tee is perfect for petites or hourglass and pear frames.

Sleeve: Short, semi-fitted cap sleeve.

Length: Short in length and finishes just below the hip - great for a shorter torso

Styling: We named this the Essential Tee as it's the basic tee everyone can benefit from. To be worn layered under tops/sweaters, or on its own during the warmer months - this tee is an essential in any wardrobe.

Fabric: 70% Bamboo Viscose, 25% Organic Cotton, 5% Spandex | UPF rating of 50+
Thicker cotton than your average tee, perfect opacity and stll super soft!

Ruched Tee

Neckline: Simple scoop neckline.

Fit: This is a fitted, true to size style with flattering ruching at the sides of the waist. Our Ruched Tee is best suited to hourglass and pears who want to show off their slim waist or for rectangle figures who are looking to create some shape. It'll also do wonders for apple shapes as the side ruching will help disguise any lumps or bumps around the tummy and hips.

This wardrobe essential also doubles as a maternity tee as the stretchy side ruching will comfortably cover your growing bump. The Ruched Tee will no doubt take you throughout your pregnancy and beyond!

Sleeve: Fitted cap sleeve

Length: Longer in length with a slightly scooped hem; the longer length is designed to allow extra room for ease and comfortability. The ruching at the sides of the waist allows for the length to be adjusted, perfect for a long or short torso, those who are pregnant or want extra coverage. 

Styling: The ruching does all the talking so you don't need to accessorise too much. Ruch this style up and pair it with a pair of jeans or elasticated pants or wear it over bottoms with a fabric waistband, like our Essential Pants or Ruched Skirt. You can also let the hemline peep through under shorter length sweaters or relaxed tops to master the layering effect.

Fabric: 70% Bamboo Viscose, 25% Organic Cotton, 5% Spandex | UPF rating of 50+

Spade Tee

Neckline: Shell shaped neckline and scooped back; this neckline covers the collarbone and décolletage.

Fit: Semi fitted at the bust that falls gently into a relaxed fit through the bodice, with the help of a simple sweet surprise, a back pleat. This tee has a boxy fit that isn't too oversized and doesn't overwhelm the body. This little tee works well on most body shapes but best suited for petite frames or women with short torsos.

Choose a size up if you prefer a looser fit.

Sleeve: Muscle tee with cap sleeves; this basic tee is a great choice if you want to show off your arms or love a tank but prefer to cover the shoulders.

Length: Shorter in length with a curved hemline that finishes just below the waist - the ideal tee for women who are petite or have a shorter length torso.

Styling: This style works best with high-waisted styles. For casual dressing, pair it with our super high-waisted Essential Pants or Bamboo Culottes. For a more professional look, wear it with our Luxe Wide Leg Pants or Lana Long Skirt.

 Fabric: 93% Bamboo Viscose, 7% Spandex | UPF rating of 50+

Belle Tee

Neckline: V Neckline; this neckline is perfect for inverted triangle shapes as it draws the eye to the upward and makes shoulders appear narrower. This V neckline is slightly higher than our Classic V Neck and lower than our V Neck Tee.

Fit: Relaxed fit with waist definition; the Belle Tee is best suited to a petite, hourglass or rectangle figure as it helps accentuate/create a waist due to its slight structure at the bodice. This tee features a slight A-line shape and a back pleat to create a comfortable, relaxed fit. We recommend opting for a size up if you prefer a looser fit or are in-between sizes.

Sleeve: Relaxed, short cap sleeve.

Length: Shorter in length with a slightly longer scooped hem at the back. This tee slightly flares out from the waist and finishes at the hip, a great option for a pear shape and a short torso.

Styling: Show off the hemline of this tee by leaving it untucked!

Fabric: 93% Bamboo Viscose, 7% Spandex | UPF rating of 50+


Sophie Top

Neckline: Round neckline; this tee features a mid to high neckline making it a great option for women with a small bust or face as it balances out these features. The combination of a round, high neck also suits those with long necks. This type of neckline also makes your bust appear larger so if you have a smaller bust and wish to emphasise it, this neckline is for you!

Fit: Relaxed silhouette; this tee subtly skims the bust, gradually falls into a relaxed fit around the waist and gently skims over the hips. This tee is a true fit so choose your normal size.

Sleeve: Above elbow length; the 3/4 length sleeve is great for those women wanting to cover their arms.

Length: The Sophie is mid length and features a curved bottom hem with slight splits on either side to help you move with ease but also giving that little bit of edge to a simple white tee.

Styling: Show off the hemline features and wear this tee untucked and over the waistband of your bottoms.

Fabric: 93% Bamboo Viscose, 7% Spandex | UPF rating of 50+