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Our Story

The Early Days

Bamboo Body was established in 2005 by sisters Amanda and Elouise. At the time, they were running a maternity clothing boutique in Brisbane and had difficulty sourcing styles made from natural and breathable fabrics.

The sisters went on the hunt for an alternative to synthetic fibres. They were searching for a fabric that was breathable and comfortable to wear in the QLD heat.

After searching all over the world for a fabric that would suit their needs, the sisters were introduced to bamboo fabric which was relatively new at the time. They discovered that bamboo fabric was incredibly soft and breathable and were amazed by its beautiful drape.

Completely intrigued by the new fabric, Amanda and Elouise embarked on a journey of discovery to find out everything they could about bamboo fabric, the bamboo plant, and the plight of the textile industry.

Bamboo Body is Born

Completely captivated by the unique nature of bamboo fabric, the pair looked beyond the maternity collection they had designed for their store to make their luxuriously soft, stylish and sustainable bamboo clothing accessible to everybody.

They launched their first line of everyday style essentials under the Bamboo Body label in 2006. Bamboo Body has since expanded rapidly and now offers a vast collection of bamboo clothing for women, men and children, all designed in Australia.

With an unwavering philosophy of ‘look good, feel good, do good’, every piece from Bamboo Body is ethically produced and offers the best in both comfort and style, whatever your shape or size.

Why Bamboo?

Luxuriously Soft

Bamboo fabric feels luxuriously soft and smooth against your skin.


Studies have shown that bamboo clothing is more breathable.

Skin friendly

Our Bamboo Body fibre is OEKO-Tex100 certified.

Sun Protection

Fabric has been certified UPF 50+ by ARPANSA


Our range is made with organically grown bamboo.

FSC Certified

Comes with the tick of approval from the Forest Stewardship Council

Our Ethical Approach

At Bamboo Body we believe we have an environmental and social responsibility. We are committed to being a company that doesn’t just avoid causing harm but actually benefits the world we live in.

Our seriously comfortable bamboo basics, travel-ready styles and maternity clothes are made sustainably with the deepest respect for both our planet and its people. From the raw materials we use to how we deliver to your door; we take every opportunity to reduce our impact on the environment.

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Slow and Sustainable

The textile industry is one of the biggest industries in the world and has been locked in a cycle of chronic unsustainability.

Reducing consumption is of utmost importance and the fashion industry has been one of the worst when it comes to producing waste. It is not uncommon for a garment to be worn once and then sent to landfill… Fast fashion anyone?

At Bamboo Body we are passionate about the environment. Not only is our bamboo fabric a sustainable alternative to cotton and synthetic material textiles, our clothing is designed to be versatile, trans-seasonal and worn time and time again.

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Sustainable Fabric

Bamboo is one of the world’s most sustainable and renewable resources

Certified Bamboo

Our bamboo is sourced from FSC certified plantations

Responsibly Made

We take the welfare of the people in our factories very seriously.

Supporting Slow

We consider the entire product lifecycle when we design our clothing

Beyond Clothes

We take eco-consciousness into account in our day-to-day business.

Environmental Impact

From selecting materials to the presentation and distribution.

Committed to the Environment

Greenpeace are committed to protecting our earth for future generations. They expose the problems facing our environment, educating and informing the public and calling them to action.

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The WWF are involved in so many worthwhile initiatives to help protect the worlds threatened plants and animals. The WWF states their ultimate goal is to “build a future where people live in harmony with nature”.

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Plan International is the charity for girls' equality. Plan is committed to empowering girls and their families. We sponsor a girl and her community in Bolivia.

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Our People

Our Story