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Our Ethos

With an unwavering philosophy of Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good, every piece from Bamboo Body is ethically produced and offers the best in both comfort and style, whatever you shape, size or age.

Who Made My Clothes?

At Bamboo Body we take the welfare of the men and women in our production line very serioiusly. We have a long standing relationship of over 15 years with our garment factory. They understand our ethos and with routine audits of the factory we are committed to keeping high standards of safety and creating a beneficial work environment.

Our clothing factories do not employ workers under the age of 18 (in fact our youngest worker is currently 30 years old) and their working conditions and payment is fair and above National standards.

Inclusivity and Diversity

At Bamboo Body, inclusivity and diversity is not a box for us to tick. Our business has always been inclusive and diverse even before these actions were labels to promote.

- Bamboo Body is female owned and managed

- Our small Australian HQ is multicultural with 30% of staff members being ESL

- Our standard size range is XXS-4XL

- We put a lot of focus on creating an inclusive colour palette for all skin types, complexions and ages

- Our styles are ageless - doesn't matter if you are 23 or 93 you will find styles suitable in our collection

- We have always sought out diverse models for our collections. Luckily this is now becoming easier with a wide range and size of models becoming popular in recent years.

Inclusivity and diversity is built into the Bamboo Body brand and we are continually learning and adjusting as we learn.

Continuous Learning

As a brand we are committed to continually doing better.  We welcome and take on board the feedback of our peers, industry leaders and our customers to further our learning journey.  We seek to be inspired and educate ourselves to do the best in our personal lives and as a business.  We challenge ourselves to look for ways we can improve each step of our supply chain and business operations.  On a continual journey to grow, we strive to review and innovate on our practices within all that we do.

Giving Back

Bamboo Body and all employees give back to the community through volunteer work and charities. Bamboo Body supports numerous charities including WWF, Animals Australia, Plan International, Green Peace.

Our focus is conservation of the environment, specifically projects that protect and clean up the oceans, preserve wild areas including native and old growth forests, and initiatives to improve girls' equality.