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Who Made My Clothes?

Meet our talented garment workers.



Who made your Bamboo Body clothes?!


Xiaomian Zhang, she is 34 and is one of our very talented garment creators. Thank you Xiaomian Zhang!




At Bamboo Body we take the welfare of the men and women in our production line very seriously. We have a long standing relationship of over 10 years with our garment workers. With routine audits of the factory, we are committed to keeping high standards of safety and creating a beneficial work environment. We are on the journey to creating a more ethical and sustainable future for fashion. 

Next up is Qifeng Wang (36), he is another one of our talented garment creators. Thank you for the time and precision you put into making Bamboo Body clothing!




We are proud of being a business with ethical practices but we also understand there is always more that can be done!

An important step is transparency.
There are real people that create our clothes. These people have families, careers and livelihoods. The growth of Bamboo gives rural communities an income and these workers are not exposed to chemicals when working on our plantation.
Our clothing factories also don't employ workers under the age of 18 and their working conditions and payment is fair and above standards.

And finally we have Dayun Zhou (29). Thank you for your dedication to creating beautiful garments! 




At Bamboo Body we also prioritise sustainable production. The textile industry is having a devastating impact upon our environment. Our garments are produced to the highest standards of sustainability. Our factory is committed to reducing emissions and recycling waste.

This post was created in reflection of our involvement with the Fashion Revolution Week but our commitment does not just finish there. We are loyal to the cause all year round and are always trying to improve our practices.



For more information about the Fashion Revolution visit their gram: @fash_rev or their website: