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Our Core Values

Revisiting our core values in 2024

Welcome to 2024, our lovely Bamboo Body family! We're thrilled to have you with us as we gently step into the new year. It's a perfect time to revisit our core values, the heart and soul of Bamboo Body. These aren't mere buzzwords; they embody our authenticity. From our leadership to every team member, we're all committed to living up to the high standards set at BB inception. Our values have grown and adapted, evolving each year to meet the challenges and demands of our ever-changing world. We are determined to stay true to what makes us unique and dedicated to a better future for all.

Sustainability at Our Core

Here at Bamboo Body, we take sustainability seriously, but let's keep it real: perfection is hard to come by in the fashion industry. The most sustainable option might be a no-clothes policy, but since that's a no-go (especially considering our harsh sun, right?), we're doing everything we can. Our approach includes implementing sustainable practices in sourcing, production, packaging, and even in how we manage our warehouses and dispatching. Our bamboo is FSC-certified, meeting the gold standard in responsible forest management. This means not only protecting habitats of precious species but also respecting the resources vital to local communities. Plus, our bamboo is OEKO-Tex100 certified, ensuring it's free from harmful chemicals and residues. And yes, our sustainable packaging? Recycable in cardboard or paper recycling, but also can be re-purposed and re-used. It's about taking meaningful steps, big and small, to ensure that we're as gentle on our planet as we are on your skin.

Ethical Practices: Our Promise

In 2024, it's essential to know who makes our clothes. At Bamboo Body, we're committed to ensuring ethical practices in every part of our production. We understand the concerns around sweatshops and child labour, prevalent in fashion production. That's why we proudly uphold high standards in both our Australian and Chinese factories. Our Australian collection is accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia, and our Chinese factories undergo regular third-party audits to guarantee safe and fair working conditions. Learn more about people who make your clothes and their work environment.

Inclusivity and Diversity

At Bamboo Body, inclusivity and diversity are part of our DNA, not just boxes to tick. We're proud to be a female-led company with a multicultural team, where 30% are ESL speakers. Our size range spans from XXS to 4XL, catering to various body shapes. We take pride in creating an inclusive color palette that complements all skin types, complexions, and ages. Our collection is ageless, perfect for anyone from 23 to 93! We've always championed diverse models, a practice that's now thankfully becoming more common. Inclusivity and diversity are ingrained in our brand, and we're committed to continuously learning and evolving in these areas.

Comfort and Style: The Perfect Match

At Bamboo Body, comfort and style are inseparable companions. We know our customers cherish the unique comfort of bamboo – it's our top priority and a promise we intend to keep. Our focus is on timeless, classic styles that resonate with our loyal customer base. We aim to make everyone feel their best, regardless of body shape, life stage, or season. Every day, we strive to ensure you look great and feel even better.

Versatility in Design

We have the largest range of bamboo clothing in Australia, and our focus on versatile design continues in 2024. Whether it's sprucing up your office attire or packing for an overseas adventure, bamboo clothing is your go-to choice. Looking for a holiday or workwear capsule? Our clothes are made for mixing and matching. Plus, we've got you covered with everything from loungewear and underwear to men's and kids' bamboo clothing. Our ladies' bamboo designs are all about adapting to every season and occasion. This means more wear, less waste, and a stylish step away from fast fashion.

Deepening Community Ties

In 2024, we're all about deepening our community ties at Bamboo Body. We're eager to grow, inspire, and be inspired by you. Sharing values with our audience is what truly enriches our brand. Want to get closer? Join our Facebook community group, where you can share your outfits, get style advice, and connect with like-minded people. Your feedback and stories from the community are our greatest treasures, helping us improve and evolve.

Giving back to the nature

Giving back is a key part of Bamboo Body's ethos. Our team is committed to community service and supporting charities. We proudly support several organisations, including WWF, Animals Australia, Plan International, and Greenpeace. Our focus is on environmental conservation, with special attention to ocean protection, preservation of wild areas, and initiatives promoting girls' equality. Through these efforts, we aim to make a positive impact on the world around us.

Continuous Learning

Our BB Team is very curious and loves to learn! We love hearing from you, our customers, as well as industry experts. Your insights help us grow and get better every day. We're always looking for ways to improve, from our supply chain to how we run our business. We're open to new ideas, collaborations and partnerships!

Join Bamboo Body

Join our BB family for a year filled with mindful, sustainable, and stylish adventures. Explore our collections online or book a showroom appointment for a personalised styling experience with our in-house stylists. We're excited to see your reviews and don't forget to tag us on Instagram and Facebook. Let's make this year unforgettable, together!

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