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Our Sustainable Packaging

Bamboo Body has new packaging!

For over 15 years Bamboo Body customers have come to know and love our simple brown paper packaging. Our brown paper parcels are always wrapped with love and care and as time goes on, more and more customers appreciate our constant commitment to reduce plastic waste and pollution. But it's time for a change.

We've introduced a sleek new cardboard sleeve as a way to reduce sticky tape use and to improve the efficiency of packing parcels. Our new packaging is still thick brown paper, and it is still recycled, recyclable and biodegradable. Don't worry - all parcels will still be packed with love, but our team will be able to pack parcels faster ensuring that you will continue to receive your goodies asap!

In our ongoing effort to balance efficiency with sustainability, sometimes, when posting to specific locations, we package our orders in recycled plastic bags provided to us by AusPost. This packaging solution has been third-party assessed and proved to be the most environmentally friendly option available, ensuring that our dedication to the environment extends even to the necessities of logistical challenges.

These cardboard sleeves have been designed to be re-used. It you need to return a garment to Bamboo Body please make sure you re-use the packaging your parcel arrived in. If you have no need to re-use the cardboard sleeve it can be recycled in cardboard or paper recycling. 

Making a change was a difficult decision. Our customers have always appreciated our old-fashioned packaging, even our postie loves our brown parcels! Most importantly the new packaging must be as good as, or better than what we already have. Due to the new efficiencies, and less use of sticky tape, we think we've achieved our goal!

Have you received a parcel with our new packaging? What do you think?