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Styling the Ribbed Cardigan

As we are nearing the end of an Australian winter and step into the awkward in-between weather, we're bracing ourselves for wardrobe crisis season. It's hot, warm, cold, cool, dry and humid all in one day. So, what do you wear to make sure you'll be warm but not too warm? Cool but not too cool? Dry but in fabric that breathes? Comfortable while looking stylish? Our Ribbed Cardigan has you covered - its blend of organic cotton and bamboo viscose creates a lightweight yet structured feel while keeping you feeling cozy, fresh and comfortable no matter what the weather decides.

The Ribbed Cardigan was designed to take you anywhere. Being lightweight, this cardi can easily be thrown into your bag when the weather is a bit unpredictable. With that, the simple, clean cut design and fresh shade will match back with almost every outfit. Read on to explore some of the best ways to style the Ribbed Cardigan for trans-seasonal weather. 

Pair with a mini or fitted dress

A knee length dress or fitted dress looks great with a long cardigan, making it look dressier and more comfortable. The critical point here is to wear a skirt that is fitted or shorter in length than your cardigan. Try to avoid wearing a full or long skirt because it could clash with your cardigan and create a messy, unbalanced look.

Maddy has paired her Ribbed Cardi with the Adele Dress and Jasper Dress in Black to create a more professional, smart-casual look for the office. If you prefer to opt for a casual look, pair your dresses with funky sneakers or play around with the different shades these styles come in.

Create balance with fitted or slim leg pants.

The key here is to consider proportions; keep in mind that the same principle of fitted garments under a cardigan applies here as well. However, your whole outfit doesn't need to be all fitted - you can pair your cardigan with a flowy top and balance out proportions with a slim fit pant or legging like Maddy has put together. Slim, straight leg pants or leggings are the easiest and chicest look and pairing a longline cardigan over fitted pants is slimming and modern.

Accessorise with a belt.

Push up the sleeves, grab a belt and wrap it around your waist to show off your curves. If you're worried about your cardigan looking shapeless, then simply adding a belt can create a more defined silhouette. A belt doesn't just work as a fashion statement but also has practical use. As the cardigan doesn't have buttons or ties to keep it shut, this is a great way to keep you staying warm and sealed. 

Layer your cardigan over a column of colour

Layer your Ribbed Cardigan over a column of colour to create the illusion of a long and lean figure. This trick is particularly useful for curvy women who don't want to add bulk, or petite ladies who are may be worried about getting lost in all the fabric of the cardigan. By wearing one dark colour top to bottom, including your shoes, and layering a plain cardigan on top in a lighter or brighter colour, you can really nail the long silhouette. 

Elevate a basic outfit

When it's warm enough to wear short sleeves during the day but you're taking it into the night you'll want a cardigan just in case it gets a bit chilly. The Ribbed Cardigan can be thrown over almost any casual outfit and in turn, instantly creates a more refined look, perfect if you're heading out that night! Its versatile shade can be teamed back with almost every colour so no matter what you're wearing, this cardi can be an easy finishing touch.