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Animals Australia and WIRES Donation

Bushfire Relief Donation

Words can’t describe how devastated we feel about the fires that have ravaged Australia. The beautiful south coast of NSW, the area where Amanda and I grew up, my most favourite place in the world, has been decimated. 

My heart aches for the people who have lost everything and for the poor animals. We wanted to help as best we could, so we have donated 100% of one week’s profit to two charities supporting the victims of the bushfires.  

With so many deserving causes it can be overwhelming to choose who to help, but Amanda and I decided that we really wanted to focus on the animals. 

We have donated $4000 to Animals Australia and $4000 to WIRES wildlife rescue.

Our chosen charities are working to immediately support local wildlife carers and fund expert wildlife vets to travel to fire affected regions Australia wide to help surviving animals recover from the devastating fires.  

Not only are these groups getting funds and supplies to where animals need to most, they are also committed to providing longer term assistance to animals who have lost their habitats and food sources as our nation recovers.  

We will continue to support these charities and their ongoing efforts by donating $100 to WIRES and $100 to Animals Australia per month for the rest of the year. The animals that have survived not only have a long road to recovery, they too have lost their homes and a lot of work is going to be needed to help them.  

If you want to help too, you can provide immediate assistance to animals in need through:

Animals Australia

Animals Australia has been recognised as one of the 12 most effective animal charities in the world by Animal Charity Evaluators — and is the first and only Australian organisation to be selected as a “standout charity” on the world stage. 

Right now they are providing support to expert wildlife vets to travel to fire-devastated areas - where they are helping any surviving animals, and ensuring local wildlife carers have the support and resources they need. They are also channelling much-needed funds directly to groups, vets and individuals helping animals in the hardest hit regions and will also be assisting with the longer-term needs of affected wildlife, who have lost their habitats and their food source.

WIRES Wildlife Rescue Emergency Fund

In December alone WIRES 1300 line received over 20,000 calls and volunteers attended over 3,300 rescues. 

Summer is always extremely busy for wildlife rescues, with WIRES regularly receiving 600-1000 calls a day from the community needing wildlife rescue advice and assistance for sick, injured and orphaned animals. This summer there is the additional stress of the emergency events and surviving animals will be struggling long-term with dire food and water shortages and loss of habitat. Many of WIRES volunteer rescuers and carers are inundated with animals and these events stretch our already limited resources. 

Everyone’s support will help ensure future generations will get to see wildlife in the wild.