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Exxpedition Round the World

The impact of plastics and toxins in our oceans.

We're very proud to be supporting Alison Foley on her upcoming 'eXXpedition aound the world', an all-women voyage exploring the impact of plastics and toxics in our ocean.

Alison is the founder of Ten Little Pieces based on the Sunshine Coast. Ten Little Pieces is an empowerment movement for ordinary folks to make a big difference to the places they love by collecting 'ten little pieces' of rubbish, anytime, anywhere, especially with children involved.


Ten Little Pieces is a 5 Gyres ambassador, a community ally of Clean Up Australia, and has just been welcomed into the United Nations Environment Program, the Global Partnership on Marine Litter.


Furthermore, Alison has been selected as one of 300 women from all over the world to crew, a two-year around the world sailing mission to research, raise awareness of and advocate solutions to the devastating environmental and health consequences of plastic and toxics in our oceans. 


Alison will join the vessel in May 2020 for Leg 11, Tonga to Fiji. Covering 500 nautical miles, she'll travel through waters and islands afflicted by the debris accumulating in the Southern Pacific Gyre. 


All of the crew are passionate about protecting our oceans and are contributing to the personal cost of their voyages by reaching out to sustainable and ethical companies to offer support through the provision of the kit that they need. 


Needless to say, we were delighted when Alison reached out to Bamboo Body to supply clothing for her trip. We have always supported slow and sustainable fashion, all of our pieces are ethically made and are perfect for travel, with many pieces also offering UPF 50+ protection.


We wish Alison the very best with her mission. You can follow her journey on Facebook and Instagram.