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Explore Sustainable Bamboo Clothing in NSW

Your Ultimate Guide to Feeling, Trying, and Shopping for Bamboo Body Clothing in NSW

Hi Lovely BB family!

For almost twenty years, we've been your trusted online source for ultra-soft bamboo clothing, building a community of slow fashion lovers. While our online store has been fantastic, many of you have expressed the desire to try on our pieces to find that perfect fit. In response, we opened our very first showroom in Kirrawee, NSW, in September 2023. It’s been a hit, and we're thrilled to see new faces falling for bamboo just like we have.

If South Sydney is a bit out of your way, no worries! This blog is dedicated to helping you discover where you can experience Bamboo Body firsthand across NSW. Explore iconic places, enjoy sustainable shopping, support the local economy, and relish in the local beauty — what’s not to love? Let's The Great Bamboo Road begin in beautiful NSW!

Explore Bamboo Body in Sydney and Greater Sydney Region

Begin your adventure in Sydney with the eclectic vibes of Newtown. This neighbourhood's charm comes alive with its vintage shops, bustling markets, and inviting cafes. Drop by Fox and Scout to check out our core pieces along with other Australian lifestyle fashion brands that reflect Newtown's funky style.

Fox and Scout Boutique

Newtown, NSW

In Kirrawee, don’t miss our Bamboo Body Showroom, where you can enjoy a personalised styling experience. Explore our complete range, featuring women's, men's, and kid's bamboo clothes, all under one roof.

Continue to Gymea, where Wanted and Wild showcases a selection of our bestsellers, perfect for enhancing your sustainable wardrobe. Conclude your journey in Picton at Ruuska, where the small-town charm awaits you, offering another delightful spot to discover our garments.

Each of these locations offers a unique way to experience the comfort and style of Bamboo Body while you enjoy the best of what Sydney has to offer.

Bamboo Body showroom

Kirrawee, NSW

Wanted and Wild

Gymea, NSW


Picton, NSW

Your Northern NSW Destination for Bamboo Body Core Styles

Explore the charming town of Casino, where wild fishing tours or delightful mini railroad trips offer a perfect weekend escape for the whole family.

While in Casino, make sure to visit Bamboo Kiss. Specialising in Bamboo Body's cardigans and tops, this boutique perfectly complements the local ambience with its exclusive selection. It's an ideal spot to discover the unique comfort and style of our eco-friendly fashion, enhancing your wardrobe with the best of sustainable wear.

Bamboo Kiss

Casino, NSW

Blue Mountains: A Haven of Natural Beauty and Unique Finds

Ravir Boutique

Blackheath, NSW

Tucked within the scenic Blue Mountains, multiple charming places offer peaceful retreats and unique shopping opportunities. In Blackheath, discover Ravir Boutique, a haven for those who love to blend style with comfort. This boutique is a perfect stop for picking up something special in a town known for its peaceful ambience and beautiful scenic views.


A short drive away in Katoomba, Omnia shop awaits with its eclectic collection that mirrors the artistic spirit of the Blue Mountains. Visit their Facebook page at Omnia Katoomba to get a glimpse of their latest offerings and events, including some Bamboo body staples like bamboo layering tops, skirts and pants.

While in Katoomba, don’t miss the chance to visit the iconic Three Sisters, an awe-inspiring natural rock formation best viewed from Echo Point Lookout. For those seeking adventure, Scenic World offers thrilling experiences providing panoramic views of the vast rainforest and majestic waterfalls.

Three Sisters

Omnia boutique

Katoomba, NSW

Explore Unique Shopping Experiences in the Southern Highlands

If you find yourself in the Southern Highlands, make Bowral your essential stop. More than just a scenic town, it's a unique shopping haven with offerings from designer homeware to stylish clothes. Be sure to visit EcoLena, a cozy boutique nestled among these treasures, offering a selection of our bamboo pyjamas that bring comfort and style to the local scene.



Bowral, NSW

Within Bowral's historic ambience, Retford Park stands out as a must-visit. This Victorian Italianate homestead is surrounded by heritage gardens that offer beauty in every season and houses impressive art collections for public enjoyment.

Nearby, the breathtaking views and serene trails of Belmore Falls in Kangaroo Valley invite visitors to connect with nature.

Retford Park

Bowral, NSW

South Coast Splendour: Beaches, Boutiques, and Beyond

Journey down the breathtaking South Coast of New South Wales, where the sea meets the sky in a splash of pristine beauty. In Huskisson, visit Jay on the Bay to discover a comprehensive selection of our stylish and comfortable bamboo clothing. From elegant dresses and the most comfy pants to versatile tops, pyjamas, and knitwear, this central shopping street boutique offers a wide range to suit every taste and occasion.

While in town, make sure to explore the stunning Jervis Bay. Known for its crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches, it's a perfect spot for dolphin watching or simply relaxing by the sea.

Hyams Beach, NSW

Further south in Merimbula, As you are. Lifestyle offers a selection of our best-selling bamboo tops and tees, perfect for the laid-back coastal lifestyle. Known for their spot-on styling and expert fashion advice, the boutique also features an array of accessories to complete any outfit.

Merimbula shines as a gem on the Sapphire Coast with its vibrant local food scene and picturesque boardwalks, making it a must-visit for anyone enjoying the area.

As You Are. Lifestyle

Merimbula, NSW

Snowy Mountains: High Country Adventures
and Chic Style

The Snowy Mountains are not just Australia's premier alpine destination, they're also a showcase of vibrant local culture and stunning natural beauty. In Cooma, the gateway to the Snowy Mountains, Birdsnest offers a unique shopping experience with a wide array of clothes, shoes and accessories for women, including our buttery-soft bamboo pyjamas and undies. Known for its personalised styling and expansive online presence, Birdsnest brings the latest trends to the high country and beyond.

While in the Snowy Mountains, embrace the great outdoors at Kosciuszko National Park, the home of Mount Kosciuszko, Australia's highest peak. This area transforms into a breathtaking landscape for hiking, mountain biking, and fishing during the warmer months. In winter, it becomes a snow-covered playground, perfect for skiing and snowboarding.


Cooma, NSW

Murray River Hidden Gems

In the vibrant town of Albury, along the scenic Murray River, Earth to life ecostore provides a sustainable shopping experience with a diverse range of Bamboo Body eco-friendly fashion, from our best-selling Essential pants to women’s tops and tees. You can also spot some of the basic tees from our men’s collection there!

Earth to Life Ecostore

Albury, NSW

Albury is not just about tranquil river scenes; it's also a hub of cultural activity. Visit the Murray Art Museum Albury (MAMA), a premier destination for art lovers, or indulge in the countless wine tours showcasing the region's rich offerings. At Noreuil Park, embrace outdoor activities with options for swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, and biking, or simply relax under the shade of its old, towering trees.

With locations sprinkled throughout New South Wales, from bustling Sydney to the serene Southern Highlands, Bamboo Body has ensured that everyone, whether residing in NSW or just visiting, can enjoy the luxury of trying, touching, and feeling our bamboo pieces at their convenience. We're excited to continue guiding you on your eco-friendly fashion journey. Stay tuned, as we're currently preparing our next bamboo guide for other states, ensuring your sustainable shopping needs are always covered, no matter where you are in Australia!

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