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Stick to Sustainable Self Love This Season

You either love or loathe Valentine's day. As the day of love slowly creeps up on us, some of us may feel a sense of fear or loneliness due to the nature of the day. However, we believe it's important to share some love regardless, whether that be to your significant other or to yourself. It is important to take this opportunity to relax, centre and indulge ourselves in the form of self care.

Valentine's Day is all about the celebration of love, so shower yourself in it! We've put together a few eco-friendly and fun tips on how you can spoil yourself this Valentine's day, or any day for that matter.

Buy yourself some houseplants

Rather than buying yourself a bouquet, head to your local market to purchase an indoor plant! Buying yourself houseplants is a sustainable alternative to flowers, and they're the ultimate gift to yourself. Plants can help easy anxiety and bring life to your home. They will also last longer than cut flowers, and help improve air quality.

Just remember to buy your plants locally, use natural pesticides and propogate to avoid any negative environmental impact.

Have a self care evening

Light some candles, have a long shower and pamper your skin for the ultimate night in! Spend the night focusing on yourself and your body by turning off your electronics.

Invest in reusable cotton pads to take off your makeup, and use a natural exfoliator! Many exfoliators contain microbeads, harmful small pieces of plastic that find their way into our oceans. These micro pieces of plastic are then digested by fish making permanent damage to our ecosystem.

Our recommendation is to make you own exfoliator! Sugar, honey, oats and olive oil are all commonly used ingredients in homemade exfoliators. A fun and natural alterative to exfoliators would be to mix these ingredients together until they form a paste, ready to rejuvenate your skin. We would also recommend doing some skincare research, choosing products that use a natural exfoliant instead.

Cook yourself dinner

Cook yourself something nice this Valentine's Day! This gives you the option to be creative in your cooking while treating yourself to a nice, warm and healthy meal.

Cooking from home is also a sustainable alternative to eating out or takeway as it means you control where your ingredients come from, as well as how food is stored and how the waste is disposed of. A home kitchen also uses less energy than a commercial kitchen, and you will find that you are saving so much more $$$ by cooking more at home.

Take yourself out

Spend some time with yourself and do things that make you feel good. Focus on prioritising your mental health by going for a walk or reading a book. We all know that exercising does wonders to your mental health, helping you feel more relaxed and renewed. Reading is also a great way to let your mind relax. Go for a light walk to a nice spot, whether it be a beach or a park and do some light reading to make you feel rejuvinated.

Treat yourself

Valentine's Day is often tied to heavy consumerism, so it is important to think sustainably when it comes to treating yourself. Think quality over quantity by investing in products that will make you feel and look good for longer. We've put together a few sustainable self gift ideas that you make you look good and feel good especially when you need it the most:


Feeling good starts with the basics. Crafted with a beautiful blend of bamboo fabric, our bamboo underwear is made sustainably with the deepest respect for both our planet and its people. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable and renewable resources in the world and can be an ethical alternative to your cotton or synthetic undergarments. We love our 3 pack of Full Briefs or the 5 pack of our Comfort Undies for gifting. We produce you won't regret this kind of luxury!


The feeling of a cute new pj set is absolutely unamtched, and trust us when we say that nothing beats bamboo sleepwear. Bamboo pyjamas are absolutely one of the softest and luxurious garments you could ever own. Bamboo pyjamas are extremely comfortable and feel ultra soft to the touch. Our eco-friendly women's bamboo pjs have a relaxed fit that drapes around your body without any restrictions. Our bamboo pyjamas are also made with a blend of cotton meaning they are EXTRA soft and comfortable. It’s silky texture feel incredibly luxurious as if you’re falling asleep on the clouds.


If you are in need of something to elevate your mood and make you feel alsolutely amazing, then we have you covered! Invest in yourself this Valentine's Day by purchasing your next 'it piece'. Choose a style that you know you will feel confident and comfortable in, and let the dress do all the talking! Bamboo Body has a large selection of styles in romantic colours such as burgundy, magenta, dry rose, berry, plum and periwinkle. Fall in love with yourself in bamboo clothing!

Spoil your significan other

We are strong advocates for self love on the Valentine's day but if you are feeling the spirit of giving why not treat your special one with something from our men's bamboo clothing line. You can get creative and colour match your outfits or simply choose from our extensive range of buttery-soft, breathable and moisture-wicking bamboo pyjamas and loungewear for men. Our bamboo styles are so comfortable, he might just find himself lounging in them all day, at home or maybe even on a casual outing.

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