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Personal Colour Analysis Session

My Journey with Colour Analysis:
Finding My Perfect Colour Palette

Bamboo Body Team has been colour analysed and we can’t wait to show you our results!

At Bamboo Body, we’re obsessed with colour… it’s, in fact, a part of our job when it comes to creating a new collection. For each collection, we sit and have a thorough conversation about new colours, what shades we want to include, we analyse Pantone colours and our customers’ requests to come up with that perfect colour palette for the new season.

To learn about the colour theory even more, we invited Silvia from Colour Me Coach to colour analyse our team members to find out their colour season: spring, summer, autumn, or winter. We go into explaining how the colours work and how to colour analyse yourself at home in this blog.

This time, we asked Daria, our marketing coordinator, to describe her experience and share her thoughts on colour analysis and how her approach to choosing clothes changed (or not) after she found out her colour season.

The Science of Colour Analysis

Colour analysis is all about understanding which colours complement your natural features, such as your skin tone, eye colour, and hair colour. The concept revolves around seasonal colour palettes: winter, summer, spring, and autumn. Each season has its own set of colours that enhance an individual’s appearance, making them look more vibrant and radiant.

My Colour Analysis Experience

Hi lovely BB community, Daria here! I was very much looking forward to my colour analysis session with Silvia. I have been working in fashion for over five years now, have a styling certificate, and usually feel very confident when choosing clothes for myself. The only thing is… I don’t really do colour. For many years now, I have constantly worn black or white, occasionally picking some colourful or printed items. Approximately 90% of my wardrobe consists of black, white, cream, or neutral grey/beige. The reason for that is very simple – you can’t go wrong with black and white, right?

However, lately, I felt the urge to try new colours but didn’t know where to start. Luckily for me, Bamboo Body collaborated with Silvia, and I had the chance to find out what season I am and which colours suit me.

Daria's wardrobe consists of 90% black and white

Discovering My Colour Season

Silvia started by asking me some questions about how my skin reacts to the sun (I tan really well and don’t burn – and use sunscreen daily, of course!), my natural hair colour (mid-brown with some highlights), and noted that my eyes are very bright in colour.

After that, Silvia neutralised my colours. She draped a white cloth over my shoulders and hair to highlight my skin's undertone. And this is where the fun really begins!

1. Identifying My Natural Undertone - Warm or Cool

The first step of colour analysis is identifying a person’s undertone, which can be warm or cool. Silvia does this by applying a set of swatches – first cool, then warm tones of the same colour. “It’s not just about the colour; it’s about the light. Light interacts with colour, and the way colour reflects on the skin makes it clear whether the complexion has a warm or cool undertone,” says Silvia. Sometimes, it’s more obvious in people, sometimes it’s not, but in my case, everyone agreed – I definitely look fresher, more vibrant, and glowing in cooler shades. The control step – applying silver and gold swatches – proved that silver is definitely my colour. Oh my, I’ve always worn gold jewellery…. Silvia says that it is the most expensive truth that she has to tell her clients. This step narrowed down my colour season – I’m either Winter or Summer, which are 2 cool seasons.

Cool red

Warm red

Warm metallic

Cool metallic

Gold (warm)

Silver (cool)


2. Understanding the Intensity of My Features: Face Contrast and Saturation

I don’t have a strong contrast between my hair and face colour. Even though my eyes are a bright blue, they’re still light in colour. When you think of high contrast features, imagine very dark black hair against fair skin. My hair is a cool mid-brown, and my complexion isn’t super fair. To determine which season I belong to, we needed to try colour palettes from both Winter and Summer and see which looked more flattering and natural with my features. Silvia mentioned that Winter colours might be a bit too dark and bright for me, whereas the Summer palette looked fresh and complemented my features beautifully. So now it’s clear that I’m a Summer! What’s the next step?

Winter colour palette - cool & deep

Summer colour palette - cool, soft and light


3. Identifying the Leading Aspect of the Colour Palette

Apparently, it’s not enough to know your season… It turns out that each season has 3 different colour palettes. In my case, Summer has three variations – Cool Summer, Soft Summer, and Light Summer. First, we compared the lightest and softest palettes, and it became quite obvious – Cool Summer colours are just perfect for me! Not too light or too muted for my complexion.

So now I know that my colour palette is Cool Summer, which is characterised by cool (leading aspect), soft, and light colours.

Light Summer (left) VS Soft Summer (right)

Soft Summer

Cool Summer

But what about the colours that don’t suit me? It’s important to recognise them! These are usually the opposite tones – warm, bright, and deep, like those in Spring and Autumn. Take a look at these swatches and see how they bring out a reddish/pinkish tint in my complexion. My facial expression says it all – these are definitely not my colours.

Spring colour palette (warm and bright)

Autumn colour palette (warm and muted)

My Best Colours from the Bamboo Body Collection

When my colour analysis was finished, I received my recommended colour palette and now I’m all geared up for my next shopping trip. I know the colours, I know the temperature and intensity I need to go for. Let’s explore what Bamboo Body colours I need to look for when choosing styles.


For my basics, I need to focus on colours that fit within the Cool Summer palette. This includes shades like soft pastels, light blues, and cool greys (and even cool white, yay!). These colours should form the foundation of my wardrobe to ensure I always look fresh and vibrant. Importantly, this applies to tops and dresses only. Pants and skirts are too far from the face to affect its colour, so if you really love a colour that isn’t ideal for you, just wear it on the bottom!



Blue Haze

Gum Leaf

Fashion Colours

While I’ve primarily worn black and white, my new palette encourages me to embrace colours that complement my cool undertone. Here are some Bamboo Body colours that align with my Cool Summer palette:


  • Soft Pastels: Light pinks, lavenders, and baby blues are perfect for tops, dresses, and accessories.
  • Cool Blues: serene shades like sky blue, periwinkle, and teal. These are great for adding a pop of colour while staying within my palette.
  • Muted Greys and Purples: These neutral yet distinctive colours work well for both casual and formal wear, providing a sophisticated look.

Soft Pink


Dark Teal

Silver Pine

Colours I Can Still Wear (with Adjustments)

There are colours from the Winter palette that I can still wear, I just need to increase my contrast by applying some makeup. These include:


  • Winter Cool: Deep, cool tones like navy, emerald green, and burgundy. With a bit of makeup, these colours can still complement my features beautifully.


Dark Navy

Dark Emerald


Forest Green

Shopping with Confidence

In this blog, I’ve shared my journey with colour analysis and how it has transformed my approach to fashion. I hope my experience inspires you to discover your own colour palette and feel the confidence that comes with knowing your perfect colours. Happy colour exploring!

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