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Planning a winter weekend getaway? It’s such an exciting adventure, but deciding what to pack can be a bit tricky. We've put together a mini capsule collection perfect for a short countryside stay. Bamboo Body clothing is an ideal choice for winter getaways because of its amazing thermo-regulating properties. Plus, it's lightweight, making it a breeze to pack, especially if you’re dealing with baggage restrictions or just prefer to travel light. Let’s explore the details of this cozy and practical capsule!

The Warmest Piece: The Duster Jacket

When you're heading to the countryside in winter, be sure to take something that will keep you warm and cozy throughout your stay. Our Duster Jacket is the perfect companion if you get cold easily and love to snuggle into something soft. Made of a luxurious blend of cashmere, wool, and bamboo, this jacket will definitely be your warmest layer.

  • Thermo-Regulating: The bamboo fibers help regulate your body temperature, ensuring you stay comfortably warm without overheating.
  • Versatile Style: Easy to wear and style, the Duster Jacket can be effortlessly layered over a singlet during milder days or under a heavier coat for those brisk winter nights.
  • Travel-Friendly: Its lightweight design makes it ideal for packing, so you won’t have to worry about bulky luggage.
  • Ultimate Comfort: The blend of cashmere and wool provides an unparalleled level of softness, making it perfect for wrapping yourself in comfort during your countryside retreat.

The Layering Top: Bamboo Turtleneck

One thing you can't go without on a winter getaway is the perfect layering top. What makes the ideal base top? A snug fit to avoid bulk, thermo-regulating properties, and long sleeves. Bamboo Body has gone above and beyond to create versatile layering tops with various necklines, colors, fits, and styles. Choose from our Long Sleeve Layering Top, V-Neck and Crew Neck Layering Tops, Amy Boatneck Top, Turtleneck Tops, Margot Top, Paige, and many more. For additional neck protection in cold weather, we especially recommend our Turtleneck Tops. They add extra warmth and are perfect for those with sensitive skin who can't bear wool or synthetic thermo clothes. You can't go wrong with our bamboo tops — they all do what they're supposed to: make you feel good, warm, and cozy.

The Colour Coordinated Combo: Pocket Pants + Everyday Cardi

During our travels, we definitely want to feel super comfortable, and this is where Bamboo Body has no competitors. We've got you covered if you want to feel comfy and look stylish and elegant too. For an everyday outfit, choose our highly coveted combo: the Pocket Pants (aka the best travel pants ever!) and the Everyday Cardi, both in a beautiful forest green color.

The Pocket Pants provide the flexibility to be worn as either full-length or 7/8th length, allowing for easy adaptation to both weather conditions and personal preferences. When worn long, they showcase a stylish tapered leg, while the 7/8th length offers a more laid-back and casual aesthetic. This ensures that you can effortlessly adjust your look on the go, guaranteeing readiness for any situation.

The Everyday Cardi, crafted from lightweight fabric, offers comfort without compromising style. A must-have layering piece, this cardigan is a wardrobe essential!

Paired with the turtleneck, they make a cute and coordinated outfit perfect for a drive or flight, staying in the house, or heading out and about to discover the surroundings.

The Olivia Dress: One Elevated Piece for Your Getaway Capsule

Even on a short getaway, there might be an opportunity to dress up and go out. Think of a nice café with local produce, a winery tour to try local wines, or fine dining with a delicious course menu — you'll need something in your capsule for these occasions. While we have many dresses to choose from, our number one choice is the Olivia Dress in black. It's an elegant, sophisticated dress that you can dress up or down depending on the occasion. Featuring a feminine A-line waist-contouring design, long sleeves, and a midi length, it's the perfect choice to add something extra to your suitcase. It's always good to be prepared for a special outing!

7. For the Sweetest Dreams: Bamboo PJs

The final piece in your mini capsule puzzle is our cozy Bamboo Pyjamas. With winter nights in the country being chilly, mix and match our long sleeve PJ tops and PJ bottoms to create your perfect set! Ultimate comfort and the sweetest dreams are guaranteed!

Pack smart by choosing versatile pieces made from sustainable, thermo-regulating materials like bamboo to ensure both comfort and style. The right clothing makes all the difference for your winter getaway journey. The Duster Jacket, Bamboo Turtleneck, Pocket Pants, Everyday Cardi, and PJ set are all excellent choices for a weekend escape. When selecting items for your travels, prioritise those that offer versatility across different settings, ensure your comfort, are lightweight, and most importantly, make you feel good. Happy travels!

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