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Lessons In Layering; The Ultimate Guide

Layering is an essential element to creating a versatile wardrobe with endless longevity as it allows you to mix and match your summer and winter styles to create new, exciting looks. Bamboo Body's versatile basics and classic styles will be your new bestfriend when it comes to the art of layering. This is because our bamboo fabric is thermo-regulating, meaning it adjusts to your body temperature. You'll be warm and comfortable outside and won't overheat while indoors!

The most important part of any successful capsule wardrobe is building a solid base of comfortable, versatile layering pieces. Turtleneckscrew necks or fitted long sleeve tops work wonders here, because they can be teamed with jeans, but also layered simply underneath dresses. Invest in pieces that you can layer on top of each other and which you can put on and take off whenever the weather decides to change on you. 

Layering is also sustainable!

Layering is one of the best ways to make the most out of your wardrobe, and to reinvigorate our summer and spring pieces. By experimenting through mixing and matching, you can give your pieces new life while also planning for weather unpredictability. You will be able to adapt to suit whatever climate and therefore putting a stop to unnecessary consumption.


Here are 7 layering tips and tricks that will help you create a successful, versatile wardrobe!

1. Finding Your Neutrals

Neutrals are muted shades that compliment primary and secondary colours. Starting with a neutral colour palette is an essential step to easily explore the art of layering. This does not mean that black and white are your only choices for a neutral base. Other examples of neutral colors include beige, taupe, gray, cream and brown. Starting out with a neutral base means that you can add colour in later, or pair with complimentary shades. Inject a playful element into your neutral capsule by adding biscuit or gull grey, two of our brand new shades from our Autumn + Winter collection.

Tip: Start with a neutral base and go from there.

Find your neutral through your most beloved aesthetics here

2. Creating Shapes

Start with a basic or core staple that allows room for multiple layers on top. At Bamboo Body we have got you covered. We recommend our Long Sleeve Layering Top or Turtle Neck Top to start. From there, play around with layering pieces on top to create length and shape. Adding a summer dress to a long sleeve top adds a playful element to your look. If accentuating your curves is the goal, finish off the look by tying a belt at the waist. Another great example of adding shape to your look is with a cardigan. A beautifully shaped cardigan is a great staple to wear over tee's and turtlenecks. Our Waterfall Cardigan has a relaxed shape with a generous amount of bamboo fabric that drapes beautifully around the front of the bodice, waist and hips. It also has extra long sleeves, perfect for covering cold hands or scrunching it up the arm. Play around with pieces on your wardrobe to find what you feel the most comfortable in.

If your goal is to style for your body shape, read our Styling For You blogs here

3. Paired Back In Black

Black is a timeless staple that can be easily layered for a timeless and sophisticated look. Layer black on black for a modern, stylish look to ease you in to the layering game. The next step would be to incorporate your personal neutral tones with black. The Adele Dress (pictured above) is the perfect example of layering black with neutrals for a simple, fun but also chic style. Investing in items that can be worn year round such as the Adele is not only cost efficient but environmentally conscious. Black and grey also work very well together by creating elements of contrast.  These two together bring a cool and calming atmosphere from work to the weekend. 

4. Fabrics and Texture

The fabric of choice can be a key element to apply successful layering techniques. For autumn especially you want to keep warm without wearing too many chunky layers. This is where our bamboo layering pieces come in, as they're super lightweight but will also keep you warm and cosy. Styles that are perfect for this include our L/S layering topsturtlenecks and cardigans.

Texture is also important when it comes to layering. Play with ribbed textures through the Ribbed Cardi in Cream. This style is soft and structured, with the textural ribbed fabric adding an element of luxury and interest to any outfit. Alternitavely, add a knit to your look for that strong textured detail, such as the turtleneck knit.

If texture interests you, check out some more of our knit pieces such as our versatile travel wrap made of bamboo, cashmere and wool. It's the perfect addition for a casual brunch, long haul travel or for cosying up on a cool day. 

5. Patterns and Stripes

Add elements of fun to your look by layering a pattern. Patterns such as stripes are not for everyone. Some women may avoid stripes as they think it'll only accentuate the features they want to hide. The truth is, this is a pattern that can help show off what you want and disguise the areas you prefer to hide. Patterns add an interesting layer to your style, evoking personality. Our new grey and biscuit stripes are incredibly classic and sophisticated and can be a subtle addition to any look. 

6. Play with Lengths

Play with asymmetrical hemlines and different lengths to add interest to your look. The hi lo hemline rebels against symmetry adding interest to a simple look. The Catherine Dress is versatile enough to wear throughout any season, perfect for the transeasonal period and can be accessorised for endless layering possibilities. This style can easily be worn with slides, sneakers or boots. Concealing the legs is easy with our very popular layering leggings. They are comfy, versatile and essential for layering in winter. Finish this look off with a Bamboo Cashmere Wrap in the cooler months. 

7. Timeless Over Trendy

When it comes to buying layering pieces, you need to consider your entire wardrobe and the possibilities of each garment you purchase. In summer, ask yourself if the dress you're purchasing can be layered for the winter time. Will the colour work with the other pieces in your wardrobe? Layering is a smart and sustainable way to create a versatile wardrobe that will carry you through all seasons and for all occasions. Opt for timeless pieces that can be easily mixed and match. The best possible garments are transeasonal, surpassing seasons and trends. Bamboo Body has you covered on timeless styles.

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