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Bamboo Body
AW 2024

Bamboo Body AW 2024 Collection: Serenity

As the seasons turn, ushering in the cooler embrace of Autumn and Winter, Bamboo Body invites you to surrender to the tranquil beauty of nature with its new AW 2024 Collection: SERENITY.

This collection is a homage to the peaceful moments of the colder months, capturing the essence of a winter escape amidst the countryside’s pastoral landscapes and the soothing lull of the seaside

About the collection

The SERENITY AW 2024 collection is an invitation to find warmth in the coolness, comfort in the quiet, and elegance in simplicity. Inspired by the serene landscapes of country and seaside retreats, the styles within this collection breathe life into the muted, cozy hues of forest green, burgundy, storm grey, and dark navy, seamlessly intertwined with a bold statement of true red. This palette, a reflection of winter’s unique beauty, evokes a sense of calm and warmth, ideal for layering and crafting looks that are as multifunctional as they are stylish.
Imagine yourself cocooned in the softness of our bamboo pieces, strolling along the beach or meandering through the countryside, where the air is crisp, brimming with the promise of warm family gatherings. The Serenity collection is crafted for these very moments—featuring cozy winter dresses, snug long sleeves, comfy pants, flowy skirts, and cardigans that feel like a hug, all meticulously crafted from our signature buttery soft and sustainable bamboo fabric.
Capturing the essence of slowing down and the peaceful moments of the colder season, the Serenity collection offers comfort, warmth, and understated elegance to your winter wardrobe.

Unparalleled comfort and understated elegance

Layering tops

Winter layers