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Find Your Style: Filter By Colour

Watch the video below to see how to filter by colour on the Bamboo Body website!

Filter For You

Guide to easily finding your style through selective filters.

Bamboo Body has an extensive selection of styles and colours. Our ladies bamboo clothes are designed to fit and flatter, from bamboo dresses to bamboo leggings we've got you covered. This extensive line of clothing may be overwhelming to some who are after specific styles or are looking to try something new. We want to make this selection easy, user friendly and optimal to help find exactly what you're looking for! This why we have introduced these filters to help you find what you need.

Option 1: Filter by Colour

One of the most distinct features of our new filtering system is the option to find pieces by colour. Bamboo Body clothing comes in a range of colors and shades. We know that some people have set colours that they go back to everytime they shop. You may love a warm-toned colour palette, featuring browns, olive greens and warm reds. Or, perhaps you love a neutral base featuring black, white and beige. Rather than scrolling through our endless array of styles - choose your colour palette through the colour filter, and explore Bamboo Body clothing through your personal visual lens.

Softpink, Plum, Dark Blue, Dark Teal

Option 2: Choose Your Fabric

Bamboo Body clothing is incredibly soft, light and comfortable to wear. Many of our customers report that once they wear Bamboo Body clothes, they don't want to wear anything else!

We all love the properties of bamboo but when it comes to clothing, we are all individuals and have different likes and dislikes. We offer bamboo to our customers in a variety of blends, constructions and thicknesses in the hope you will be able to find the bamboo that is best for you.

Learn all about our different kinds of fabrics, their properties and their benefits here.

Fabric Guide


Option 3: Filter By Fit

Whether you prefer a fitted style, oversized, relax or a bix inbetween - it is now easy to filter through our range of Bamboo Body styles to find the perfect fit for you!

Option 4: Filter By Length

We hope that our new filtering system helps you find the perfect style for you! Don't hesitate to reach out to us via email, Instagram and Facebook and make sure you subscribe to our newsletter for any updates!

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