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We love experimenting with different bamboo fabric blends. 

Firstly, it keeps things interesting and secondly, we find that different blends and constructions are suitable for different styles and purposes.


We all love the properties of bamboo but when it comes to clothing, we are all individuals and have different likes and dislikes. 

We are offering bamboo to our customers in a variety of blends, constructions and thicknesses in the hope you will be able to find the bamboo that is best for you.


However, with all the different fabric options available it can become very confusing. 

We have customers ask, “What is the best fabric for me?”, “What are the differences between each fabric?”. 

We hope the below information answers your questions.  If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.













Softline Jersey


Composition:  95% bamboo 5% spandex or 93% bamboo 7% spandex

Construction:  Jersey – has stretch


Our original bamboo fabric and still our most popular.  








Holds colour well


The small spandex component provides a little stretch for extra comfort and also helps the garment to keep its shape.





Bamboo Organic Cotton Blend


Composition: 70% bamboo / 25% organic cotton / 5% spandex

Construction: Jersey – has stretch


The Bamboo Organic Cotton blend was introduced for people who prefer a little more thickness and structure in their garments. 

A popular fabric for tighter fitting styles, pants and skirts.




More structure than the bamboo spandex blend



 Holds its shape well



The fabric is still lovely and soft but a little less delicate than the softline bamboo spandex blend.





Bamboo Modal Blend


Composition: 48.5% bamboo / 49% modal / 2.5% spandex

Construction: Jersey – has stretch


What is modal?  Modal is a soft, wearable fabric that is made from the cellulose of beechwood trees. 

Modal is very similar to bamboo and has very similar characteristics.


This jersey fabric has plenty of side to side stretch but not so much vertical stretch.  




  Silky soft

  Does not crease easily



   Thicker quality hand feel

  May shrink in length after washing but will relax again










The Bamboo Woven Fabric is a cool, crisp fabric with no stretch.



100% Woven Bamboo


Composition:100% bamboo

Construction: Woven - Non-stretch



  Soft, fluid, breathable

  Doesn’t cling


   Requires ironing




Woven Bamboo Organic Cotton Blend


Composition: 70% bamboo / 30% organic cotton

Construction: Woven - non-stretch



  Crisp, structured


  Doesn’t cling

  Requires ironing









Our beautiful knits are a blend of bamboo, cashmere and wool.  


Composition: 95% bamboo / 3% cashmere / 2% wool

Construction: Machine knitted



  Soft and cosy

  Stretch – knitted




Washing Instructions For Your Bamboo


Turn garment inside out

Avoid washing with abrasive fabrics such as denim or Velcro

Machine wash with like colours

Do not rub

Do not bleach

Line dry in shade or tumble dry low

Cool iron if required