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The Ultimate Travel Packing List

As a sustainably-led fashion brand, we have always directed our customers to choose essential, high-quality garments that are a reflection of your personal style, undertone and body shape. This is why throughout all of our blogs we have always referenced a ‘capsule’ wardrobe or collection, referring to those essential, versatile pieces that you can wear over and over again. These fundamental pieces should be of high quality, interchangeable with each other and versatile for any occasion. This idea of a capsule collection makes shopping creative and easy while remaining sustainable and fashionable all at the same time. 

When it comes to travelling, the same idea of a capsule wardrobe should apply. A travel capsule should be a more compact version of your current wardrobe - consisting of interchangeable pieces that are suitable for the environment that you will be in and the adventures that you will be having. 

The team at Bamboo Body have selectively crafted the perfect travel capsule for you, full of pieces that can carry you on from day to night - for any destination, any climate and every fun adventure! We made sure that you can mix and match every piece with ease. We chose a warm-tone colour palette, however you can swap these out for different shades that work for you. These pieces are all lightweight and give you the ability to layer in cooler weather. This collection is all about your staples for everyday wear, but don’t forget to pack socks, underwear, swimmers and pyjamas!

This travel capsule consists of 10 pieces;

- 4 tops

- 3 pants

- 1 dress

- 1 cardigan

- 1 wrap

With these pieces, you can make over 15 looks - the perfect amount for a two-week vacation.

7 travel packing tips for an effortless travel wardrobe

1. Consider Your Long-Haul Travel Outfit

Whether you are set for a long-haul flight or drive, wearing a comfortable outfit for travel is a fundamental part of your travelling experience. Choose an outfit that consists of layers - giving you the ability to take pieces off and on with ease. A lightweight piece like a Waterfall Cardi or Travel Wrap is perfect for this. They are lightweight and breathable and you’ll be able to easily wrap yourself up comfortably on the plane. The Travel Wrap can also be used for a head pillow or to snuggle with as a blanket. Create an outfit that can be adaptable. Pocket Pants are perfect for this as they can be adjusted between a 7/8th length and a long, straight leg fit. Couple with a Scoop Singlet in a matching colour and layer on the relax boatneck if you’re feeling a bit chilly. These pieces are adaptable, interchangeable and perfect for a long, gruelling flight.

2. Choose Natural Fibres

Choosing the right fabrics for travelling is extremely important as you want to wear pieces that are breathable, moisture-wicking and skin-friendly. Polyester can stop moisture from seeping in, but it often holds on to odours, is less breathable and is not as comfortable. Bamboo is perfect for travelling as it has those moisture-wicking properties and feels soft and luxurious against the skin. You could wear bamboo out to dinner, to go for a walk or to go on an active adventure. Another perk of bamboo is that it has UPF 50+ sun protection, meaning that the fabric is as effective as protection against solar ultraviolet radiation (UVR) and reduces the amount of solar UVR by a factor of over 50!

3. Pack For Day-To-Night Wear

When you are choosing pieces to pack for your travels, think about what kind of adventures you will be experiencing and what outfits would be suitable for those occasions. Will you be going on lots of hikes? Will you spend most of your time by the pool? Will you be going out for dinner most nights? Think sustainably by constructing outfits that can be perfect for all occasions. For example, start the day with a short-sleeved tee tied over a dress like the Adele for a casual look. You may take this outfit to the zoo, or to go sightseeing. Later on, swap out the casual tee for a waterfall cardi for a quick stroll and an evening meal. Maybe it’s a cooler day, so you choose to wear a Long Sleeve Layering Top and Culottes in the daytime, and when night comes, swap the pants for a stylish Tube Skirt with a pair of boots or sandals for a classy evening look. Add the Waterfall Cardi for an extra layer or perhaps the Travel Wrap for lounging around on a casual day.

Maddy styles our most versatile dress - The Adele Dress - 3 ways:

Michelle styles pieces from our travel collection - featuring our L/S Layering Top in White, Culottes in Bone, Waterfall Cardi in Navy and Bamboo Tube Skirt in Biscuit Stripe

4. Colour Matching

When you are creating a capsule, whether it be for your everyday wardrobe or for travel, it is important to make sure that you are wearing colours and styles that you feel comfortable in. This travel capsule was designed for those who prefer warm tones like brown, navy and red, but can easily be swapped out for neutrals such as blacks and greys. Make sure the colours that you choose work well together for ultimate versatility so that you can mix and match each piece with ease. Black, white and navy are the easiest colours to work with. Be bold by adding a stripe into the mix or contrasting colour. Play around with what you like - you may surprise yourself!

5. Layer Layer Layer!

Rather than packing bulky items, make sure that your pieces are lightweight - optimising your travel bag space. Even if you are packing for somewhere that will be incredibly hot and humid, don't forget to pack one or two pieces that can be used to cover up in case of unexpected weather conditions or for protection against the sun. A Waterfall Cardi is perfect for this as it is casual, chic and easy to style with its extra-long sleeves and drapey open front. Pack layers that are lightweight so that they do not take up as much space in your bag - like a Long Sleeve Layering Top - which can be worn on its own, or layered under the Adele Dress. If the night suddenly turns cold, you could pair all these pieces together for a cohesive and sophisticated style.

6. Choose Adaptable Pieces

We reiterate this time and time again, but choose pieces that can be layered so that the look can be transformed completely with one simple change. For example, the Pocket Pants are extremely adaptable and can be transformed from the 7/8 length to a long straight leg tapered pant. The Relax Boatneck Top has an elegant boatneck and asymmetrical hem. It is super adaptable as you can wear it on its own, or worn with the scoop singlet underneath. It can also be tied up at the bottom for a casual look. These pieces can also work from day to night - pair the Boatneck Top with the Essential Pants or Culottes during the day, and swap out for the Bamboo Tube Skirt at night.

Adaptable can also mean essential. Choose pieces that you can wear time and time again and that you can pair with everything! For this, we recommend the perfect white tee. Read all about The Best T-Shirts for Your Wardrobe here

7. Accessorise

When travelling you should pack simple and classic accessories. This simple tip can change the entire tone of an outfit and elevate your style. Pair your casual pieces with sneakers or sandals, and bring along a pair of boots to elevate your look. Carry simple necklaces and earrings to elevate your look from day to night. Don’t forget your sunnies, swimmers and socks!

We hope you have a fantastic time on your travels away! If you plan on travelling in Bamboo Body send us pictures and tell us of your trips away, we love hearing from you!

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