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Re-wearing Challenge:
Lana Long Skirt

Hi everyone! I'm Luana, the fashion & marketing all rounder here at Bamboo Body. Last week, I took on the re-wearing challenge and it was a great experience. Daria, our marketing & social media coordinator, initially sparked this challenge. She impressivley wore our Cate Skirt for seven days straight! Each day, she arrived to the office with a completely different look, showcasing the versatility of the Cate Skirt. Daria's commitment inspired the whole BB team and prompted us to reevaluate our approach to sustainability and consumption. To see Daria's journey, click here. I decided to join the trend by styling our customer favourite (and personal favourite) Lana Long Skirt in black. I wore the skirt each day to the office, Monday - Friday. Keep on scrolling to discover how I paired the Lana Skirt differently each day!


What drew me to the Lana Long Skirt? Well, for starters, it's incredibly soft, versatile and light weight. It has a maxi style length and a soft fabric waistband which can be folded over if you're petite or prefer the above ankle look. It's truly a wardrobe staple, making it easy to style everyday. It honestly goes with just about anything!

On Monday, I styled the Lana Long Skirt with the Bamboo Scoop Singlet in black and paired it with the Duster Jacket in ink. I enjoy coordinating my tops and bottoms, so this outfit choice was easy! Given that the office can get a bit chilly at times, the Duster Jacket was essential. The ink Duster Jacket is ideal for an all black outfit, as it adds brightness while remaining subtle. It doesn't draw too much attention, which I appreciate.

On Tuesday, I styled the Lana Long Skirt with the white Bamboo V Neck Tee and white tennis shoes, aiming for a clean and bright aesthetic. When you're on the move in the warehouse, comfort is key and this outfit delivered just that. The relaxed fit of the Bamboo V Neck Tee allowed for easy movement without feeling restricted. It was flowy, breathable and paired nicely with the Lana Long Skirt.

On Wednesday, I styled the Lana Long Skirt with the L/S Layering Top in gull grey and our best selling Waterfall Cardi in black. Completing the look with white kitten heels, the outfit exuded chic elegance. I felt both comfortbale and stylish, making it the most modest look of the week. Additionally, it was UPF friendly, provided sufficient chest and arm coverage and looked fabulous on!

Thursday's outfit featured the Lana Long Skirt paired with the Ada Boatneck Top in dark olive. This 3/4 sleeve top features a high neckline, making it suitable for any occasion. It was a convenient and stylish choice for a busy day, providing a neutral base with a pop of colour. I completed the look with a pair of strappy sandals for added comfort.

Friday was a standout as I wore the Lana Long Skirt as a dress, a favourite styling trick of mine! Many are suprised to learn that our Lana Long Skirt can transform into a stunning strapless dress. Falling gracefully to my calves, it was the perfect length, not too short and not too long. This look was incredibly feminine, flowing elegantly and exuding a sense of grace. Paired with beige strappy sandals, I was all set up to step out and welcome the weekend in style.

Participating in the re-wearing challenge was a real eye-opener to me. It made me reconsider how I put my outfits together and encouraged me to think more consciously about my consumption habits. Now, it's your turn! Are you up for the challenge of wearing the same item for a whole work week? If you decide to join in, make sure to tag us on social media x