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Guide To Our Different Pant Styles

Finding The Perfect Pant Style For You

We all have a specific style or silhouette that we gravitate to the most. Some of us love a tapered pant, as they find it goes well with most shoe styles. Some opt for an elasticated waist, prioritising comfort and practicality. Speaking of practicality - let's not forget pockets! With Bamboo Body's large range of different styles, silhouettes and colours, it's common for your favourite pant style to be lost in the mix. Don't fret - we're here to help!

On our website, you will notice an exciting feature that let's you filter your preferred style, length and colour in one easy click. Simply click on the filter button in the right hand corner of your preferred shopping page (right next to Sort By).

Don't know what you're looking for? Keep reading to learn about all the pant style features that Bamboo Body has in stock. There is an informative video for each pant style and its different features so that you can feel 100% confident in your purchase.


The Straight Leg Pant - The straight leg pants is pretty self-explanatory, referring to a pant that has a consistent leg width from thigh to ankle. It does not taper nor add width to the hem of the pants. The straight leg only refers to cut, meaning that a straight leg pant can be both relaxed and slim. Often, a straight leg pant can feel a bit tighter at the thigh. Some of our straight leg pants include the Essential Pants and Softline Crop Pants.

The Tapered Leg Pant - A tapered leg gradually narrows towards the ankle. These pants often sit comfortable and more relaxed at the thigh and taper to a narrow ankle. Some of our popular tapered pant leg styles include the Peggy Bamboo Trousers, Pocket Pants and Slouch Pants.

The Wide Leg Pant - A wide leg pant (also referred to as a palazzo pant) often has a fitted waistline and flares out from the hip towards the hem. This added volume can help elongate your legs and create a sophisticated silhouette. Some of our favourite wide leg pant styles include our Luxe Wide Leg Pants, Bamboo Culottes, Eva Pants and Woven Wide Leg Pants.


Fabric waistband - The fabric waistband is perfect for those seeking ultimate comfort. A fabric waistband has no elastic, and is crafted with a layer of fabric folded to create a thick, double sided band. It is a great waistband for those that don't want too much bulk in their mid-section. Our fabric waistband come in different widths depending on what style you choose. For example, the waistband on the Essential Pant is quite wide, allowing you to fold over the fabric to change the height of the pant. The waistband on the Luxe Wide Leg Pant is also a fabric waistband, however is shorter than the Essential Pant sitting mid-rise. The fabric waistband is also optimal for maternity wear as it is stretchy and won't feel too tight in your mid-section.

Elasticated waistband - The elasticated waistband has a piece of elastic threaded through, allowing for a tighter and more structured fit. Although the elasticated waistband feels more secure, it does not jeopardise comfort. This waistband is perfect for those who like to incorpoate a front or side tuck to their look as the elastic will hold your top in place all day. Depending on what pant you choose, the elastic may change in width. If you are after a wide width elastic waistband (optimal for those who prefer to hide their waist), we could recommend the Pocket Culottes or the Eva Pant. Other elasticated waist pants include the Pocket Pants, Peggy Trousers and our Tracksuit Range

Fabric Waistband on the Essential Pant

Elastic waistband on the Peggy Pant


Choose your length - Nothing is worse than receiving a new purchase in the mail only to find that it is too long or too short for you. Luckily at Bamboo Body, we have a selection of pant styles designed in 3 different lengths (petite, regular, long) so that you can feel confident in your purchase that it will look good, feel good, and fit you right. Some of our pant styles with the option to choose your length include the Essential Pants and the Luxe Wide Leg Pants, available in a variety of colours.

Cropped - Cropped style pants are those must have, easy breezy essentials that will carry you throughout the seasons. These pants generally end slightly above or below the knee. Choose a pair of Crop Pants for a straight leg fit, or Culottes for a wider leg hem. For a more casual and relaxed fit, try the Summer Slouch Pants which cuff just below the knee. The fabric hem is soft and stretchy, allowing you to easily adjust the length of the pant.

Versatile - Versatility is a key factor when it comes to building your trans seasonal, essential wardrobe staples. That is why we love the Pocket Pant, as you can adjust the leg from it's full length, to a 7/8 length depending on the occasion, weather and your height.


Choose Your Length with the Pocket Pant


We know how much our customers love pockets. So much so, we even did a deep dive into the history of pockets and asked our customers why they loved them so much. According to our Instagram poll, 83% of our respondents voted that they do take pockets into consideration when purchasing an outfit.

So let us share some of our favourite styles with functional pockets! For a more relaxed fit, we recommend the Pocket Pant, Softline Slouch Pocket Pant or the Bamboo Slouch Trackpant. For something a little more dressy we love the Peggy Pant, Pocket Culottes or the Woven Wide Leg Pant for a more structured fit.

Learn more about our favourite pant styles with threse informative videos below:

Features of the Essential Pants

  • Super stretchy fabric
  • Wide, fabric fold-over waistband
  • Straight leg
  • Available in 3 leg lengths
    • Long: inside leg length is 81cm
    • Regular: inside leg length is 76cm
    • Petite: inside leg length is 71cm

Features of the Pocket Pants

  • Straight leg fit (when unbuttoned)
  • Mid-rise
  • Pockets at the waist and thigh
  • Elasticated waistband with functional waist cord
  • Tab and bamboo button on the side leg for adjustable leg length

Features of the Soft Bamboo Leggings

  • Fitted
  • Full length; cover ankle
  • Wide fabric waistband
  • High rise
  • Pull on design
  • Moisture wicking properties
  • Super stretchy
  • Inside leg length: 70cm (size medium)
  • True to size

Features of the Luxe Wide Leg Pant

  • Mid-rise
  • Wide leg
  • Wide fabric waistband
  • Available in 3 leg lengths
    • Long: inside leg length - 81cm
    • Regular: inside leg length - 78cm
    • Petite: inside leg length - 71cm

Features of the Peggy Pant

  • Elasticated waistband
  • Functional pockets
  • Mid rise
  • Tapered leg
  • Inside leg length: 64cm (size XS)

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