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Female Owned and Female Led Company:
Bamboo Body Australia

Meet the Women Behind the Bamboo Body Brand

Bamboo Body Australia is a brand that takes pride in being female-owned and led. This International Women's Day, we're shining a spotlight on our team of intelligent, ambitious, multicultural, and caring women. At Bamboo Body HQ, laughter, encouragement, and support fill our days, creating an environment that fosters both personal and professional growth. We're excited for our customers to get a closer look at the amazing team behind the Bamboo Body brand. Dive into this blog to discover 10 fun facts about our team members.

1. Bamboo Body: The Beginning

Sisters Elouise and Amanda embarked on their entrepreneurial journey from the humble beginnings of their mum's garage. Captivated by the remarkable qualities of bamboo fabric, they were driven by a passion to share its benefits with the world. Their love for bamboo hasn't waned; they continue to embrace and wear bamboo every day. 

2. Very First and Very Successful Hire

When the sisters realised they couldn't keep up with the growing number of orders, they decided to hire a customer service specialist. Amanda has proven to be an exceptional addition to the team and continues to work at Bamboo Body, celebrating her 9th anniversary with the company this winter!

3. Strict No-device Policy During Lunchtime?

Just kidding! We truly cherish our lunch breaks spent together, where we chat, share news, and discuss our plans. Once a week, we take our bonding time a step further by heading to a local café, genuinely enjoying each other's company.

4. Staying Hydrated with Frank Green

Frank Green Bottle, anyone? Yes, please! We make a concerted effort to stay hydrated with our office favorite bottles.

1. Working Mums and Work Life Balance

Balancing motherhood with a career can certainly be challenging, but Bamboo Body is led by mums who truly understand the juggle. They've mastered the art of maintaining work-life balance, ensuring that our workplace is supportive and accommodating for all parents.

1. Embracing Diversity at Bamboo Body HQ

The Bamboo Body team boasts a multicultural background, with the ability to communicate in five different languages: English, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Norwegian. We love the opportunity to learn about each other's cultures and traditions!

1. Favourite Colours of Bamboo Body Team

It's not uncommon to see us outfit matching — often in our favorite colors! But, that's hardly a surprise, given our collective love for our bamboo clothes.

1. Hiring decisions based on star signs?

Purely coincidental, but oh so peculiar! It turns out our social media coordinators share the same birthday. And, adding to our cosmic connections, we have five Libras on the team!

1. The most important Bamboo Body team metrics revealed!

Our team is predominantly made up of boy mums, with a collective sweet tooth, a preference for staying up late, an abundance of curly hair, and a unanimous vote for Friends over Seinfeld!

1. Bamboo Body Pets: The Cutest Companions!

We're utterly convinced that our dogs, cats, and fish take the crown for cuteness. Just one glance at their furry (and finned) faces will have you agreeing!

Jokes aside, working together as a small and predominantly female team is a privilege that we thoroughly enjoy. There is nothing more satisfying for us than growing together and working hard as a team, supporting and encouraging each other along the way. Happy International Women's Day!

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