The Bamboo Body Ethos


Clothing that Doesn't Cost the Earth


At Bamboo Body we believe we have an environmental and social responsibility. We are committed to being a company that doesn’t just avoid causing harm but actually benefits the world we live in.

Our seriously comfortable bamboo basics, travel-ready styles and maternity clothes are made sustainably with the deepest respect for both our planet and its people. From the raw materials we use to how we deliver to your door; we take every opportunity to reduce our impact on the environment.


Sustainable Fabric

Bamboo is one of the world’s most sustainable and renewable resources. It is the fastest-growing plant on earth, and because it requires no pesticides, fertilisers and very little water to grow it is a sustainable alternative to cotton. Bamboo also reduces more carbon dioxide and increases more oxygen in the atmosphere than an equivalent stand of trees. 

On top of that, our bamboo crop is FSC-certified. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) provides the gold standard in environmental forest certification and promotes responsible management of the world's forests, ensuring the harvest of timber does not destroy habitats of protected species or take away precious resources from the people that depend on them.


Organic, Chemical Free Clothing

Our clothing is made with organically farmed bamboo: Our bamboo crop is grown without the use of pesticides, fertilisers or chemicals. No irrigation is required and there is no genetic modification. 

Our Bamboo Body fibre is also OEKO-Tex100 certified which means the fabric is free from harmful chemicals and residues.


Responsibly Made Bamboo Clothing

With an unwavering philosophy of ‘look good, feel good, do good’, every piece from Bamboo Body is ethically produced and offers the best in both comfort and style, whatever your shape or size.

We take the welfare of the people in our factories very seriously. We have a long-standing relationship with our garment workers and are committed to keeping high standards of safety. Our clothing factories don’t employ workers under 18 and their working conditions and payment are fair and above standards.

We produce to the highest standards of sustainability and are committed to reducing emissions. 


Supporting slow and sustainable fashion

We consider the entire product lifecycle when we design our bamboo clothing. We have always focused on providing beautiful clothing that will be worn time and time again across different seasons and trends. Our styles can also be mixed, matched and layered, making it easy to get maximum looks from a minimal wardrobe.


Sustainability beyond the clothes rack

It’s not just our clothes and production processes that are better for the environment. We take eco-consciousness into account in our day-to-day business environment to reduce the impact our products have on the environment. 

For example, in the fashion industry it is standard practice for garments to be individually packaged in plastic.  We don’t individually package our garments in plastic which can mean they arrive with the customer a little more crushed, but it saves so much plastic waste. We also use recycled cardboard and paper and when we post orders to customers, we wrap our garments the old-fashioned way - in brown paper.


We reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible and transport our garments by sea rather than air. We also walk the talk in our headquarters: We limit our use of air conditioning, we turn off the lights when we go out to lunch, and we stock only environmentally friendly toilet paper and cleaning products.


Reducing our environmental impact from the farm to your doorstep

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, from selecting materials to the presentation and distribution of our clothes. Our mission is to create a more sustainable future for fashion. We can't say that we are perfect, but we are always looking for ways that we can improve to design a better future for all of us.


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