Bamboo Body Staff Picks - Our Fave Tops

Date Posted:29 January 2020 

Our all-time faves and why we love them!

Meet the Bamboo Body team:

Left to right: Mel, Amanda, Claudia, Melissa, Elouise


At Bamboo Body HQ we are all slightly addicted to bamboo. We dress in Bamboo Body everyday, not because we have to, but because we really want to. And when you are surrounded by so many lovely clothes all day you just have to try them all on, right???

Nothing is more fun than when a new season shipment arrives and we get to try on all of the new colours and styles and pick out our faves. Even better, we get to call it work because we need to understand the different fits and layering options so we can help find the right styles for you.

While we all love our new season collections, we still have our favourite go-to styles. I don't think a week has gone by without Amanda coming in wearing one of her many Relaxed Singlets paired with one of her many Nina Skirts, or Melissa in one of her Sophie Tops or Double Layer Tube Skirts...

We have so many shoppers who write to us about how they have fallen in love with a particular style and ask for it in more colours. We are exactly the same so we do our best to release our most loved and classic styles in fresh new colours each season - just wait until you see our beautiful new Autumn / Winter colours!!

All of our styles have their own special features, so we thought we'd give you a bit of an insight into our favourite styles and what makes them our top staff picks (and trust us - we have tried on EVERYTHING!)



Staff Picks - Our Favourite Bamboo Tops



Amanda: Our Relaxed Singlet is my absolute go-to in my wardrobe. I love the relaxed a-line shape through the body and it is so versatile worn as is or tucked in for a different look. Worn back with one of our Double Layer Tube Skirts or Nina Skirts is definitely my uniform for Spring and Summer! It is actually a favourite all year round: Perfect worn back with shorts when it's hot, or with jeans for cooler weather. I have recently converted my sister and best friend to love our Relaxed Singlets too!
​Claudia: I have been with Bamboo Body for nearly two years now and I am still discovering new styles for myself. The Eadie Top is my latest must have. At first I thought it was too oversized for my taste, however it turned out to become my new favourite tee as it covers my problem zones very well by tucking it in at the front. I do like the nice low neckline, too. In this photo I am wearing my Eadie Top with our Peggy Bamboo Trousers - they are super comfy and I love having pockets! I wear them with a singlet for a more sporty look or like here with the Eadie for a more stylish look.
ElouiseFunnily enough, I don’t often design styles for myself. I am always looking at where the gaps are, what our customers are asking for, and trying to satisfy those wants and needs.  Lately I have been feeling a need for a particular top and Bamboo Body was not satisfying my need. This is what I was after: 
  1. Good chest coverage for sun protection. As I get older I am finding my skin can’t tolerate the sun like it used to. I like scoop necklines but on days when I am spending time out in the sun, I need more protection.
  2. A shorter length. A lot of Bamboo Body tops have a longer length. I am only 5’2” (157cm) and I find some of our top styles swamp me and make me look out of proportion. I love the Pia Tee but I need to tie it or tuck it in. I really wanted a top that hit at the top of my hip.
  3. A relaxed fit. Not too much fabric - just a nice, comfortable, body skimming fit.
And so the Spade Tee was born and released as part of our Summer collection.
I find I can wear the Spade Tee with just about anything. In the picture above I am wearing it with my Double Layer Tube Skirt. For a smart but casual day time look I wear it with my Bamboo Woven Shorts. For relaxed comfort or if the weather is a little cooler I wear them with the Peggy Pants. The Spade Tee always looks good with jeans, and recently I paired it back with the Midi Skirt, heels and my favourite necklace for an effortless evening outfit.
Mel: My love of simple but nostalgic dressing is wrapped up in this one top. The Essential Scoop Tee allows me to channel my inner Rachel from Friends while also being the perfect go-to top in my wardrobe. My one went through the wash with a blue pen but because of its slimmer fit it's great for tucking in while conveniently hiding the bright blue stain along the hem. I even love going full 90s by styling it with a dress layered over the top. It's easy, it's cute, it's a guaranteed classic. 
Melissa: Our Sophie Top is one of our most loved styles and I totally understand why: It offers full coverage of your upper arms (which may or may not be as toned as you'd like them to be) and also has a slightly higher neckline. I really like it because while it skims your chest, it has a more relaxed middle so it it rather kindly skips your tummy (which also may or may not be as toned as you'd like it to be!) Its one of our smarter syles so it looks great for work with one of our bamboo skirts, or with our bamboo pants for a more casual look. In this photo I am wearing our Sophie Top in black in size small with our white and black ruched skirt.
What is your favourite Bamboo Body style? We'd love you to share your looks with us by tagging us in your photos on instagram! @bamboobodyau



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