Cuddle Up in a Cosy Soft Bamboo Cardigan

Date Posted:28 May 2020 

Cardi weather is here!


It's defintiely cardi weather! It's these kind of inbetween days that have you reaching for a cardigan or wrap to add an extra layer of warmth as the weather cools.

We have a range of luxuriously soft and sustainably made bamboo cardiagns that are perfecting for snuggling up with at home, or layering at work or on the go, from our elegant and stylish Waterfall Cardigans, to the classic and chic bamboo / wool Duster Jacketto the smart Everyday Cardi that could live in your handbag.





When we invited professional stylist and body shape expert Angela Barbagallo to style some lovely ladies in our new Autumn / Winter colours, she showcased how well the Waterfall Cardigan in Navy sets off the new season colours:



Whichever style you choose, your bamboo cardigan will become a wardrobe essential!



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