Look Good on Zoom Working From Home

Date Posted:13 April 2020 

Ready, Set, Zoom.




As we adjust to working from home for the foreseeable future, the one thing we can all agree on is that IT IS SO GOOD working in comfortable clothes!

We live for loungewear. However, if you are frequently dialling in for Zoom meetings for work, or even family catch ups, it can be a bit awkward if you’re caught in your PJs.

If you are working remotely it’s important to maintain a sense of structure and routine, and that includes getting showered and dressed every morning. Sure, you might just be getting changed into clothes that feel like pyjamas (me, definitely), but the division between ‘home time’ and ‘work time’ is important for balancing your day and getting your mind in gear.

And if you’re having regular Zoom meetings, it’s important to look professional– on top at least! So, to make sure you are camera-ready for your video calls, here are 6 steps to make sure you look the part:


6 steps to being Zoom video conference call ready while working from home


Step 1 – Get showered and ready

I’ve been working from home on and off for years now and my number 1 rule is to get up and shower and change before the workday starts. You simply can’t switch to work mode while sitting in your PJs. You need that mental shift.


Step 2 – Put on a bra!

Yep, it doesn’t matter how put together your face looks you won’t feel in the right frame of mind if you aren’t wearing a bra under your top (although please do feel free to take it off again after the meeting!)


Step 3 – Choose a smart, professional looking top

You don’t need to worry about what you’re wearing on the bottom; you can go newsreader style for your conference calls. Just make sure you are wearing a nice top, so it looks like you made an effort. Some of our favourite tops for looking professional and webcam-ready are:

Although they probably won’t be seen on screen, our top picks for super comfy pants that are classy enough for the office would have to be our Essential Pants, Luxe Wide Leg Pants or Slouch Pants.

Tip: Check out our working from home collection for more chic (and super comfy) styles.


Step 4 – Dry your hair

If you’re jumping on a conference call with clients or colleagues, then make sure you’ve given yourself time to dry your hair before the call. You aren’t going to pull off the professional look with soggy hair.


Step 5 – Accessorise!

Popping on some accessories and a little lipstick (if that’s your thing) will help you change gear and switch your mindset to “work” when you need to. If you are used to getting dressed up for work and it makes you feel more like yourself then go for it. In times like these it’s important to feel as normal as we can.


Step 6 – Control the scene

Make sure your camera is only showing what you want to be seen. Adjust your screen for a more flattering angle and keep your background clean and clear. Or have some fun and try Zoom’s virtual background feature to create whatever background you like: If you Google ‘Free Zoom Backgrounds’ there are a stack you can choose from, from tropical beaches to pop culture interiors like the set of Friends, Seinfeld or Sex in the City.


We hope these tips will help you to still feel like a boss, even if you're wearing your slippers under your desk :)


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