10 Ideas For a Date Night at Home

Date Posted:9 April 2020 

Reignite more than your sense of style.



As you read this, take a quick look at yourself:

–      Have you brushed your hair today or just popped it into a ponytail?

–      Did you shower or not bother?

–      When was the last time you wore some makeup?

–      Are you in your comfy pants AGAIN?


These days it's all too easy to relax into stay at home mode and, just like in a long-term relationship, get a little bit too comfortable.

Have you found that excitement in your own style (not to mention your relationship) has faded just a little in the age of social distancing? With restaurants, theatres, clubs and all other date night destinations now closed, getting dressed up is becoming a thing of the past…. Why dress up if no one can see you?

Feeling good about yourself exudes the kind of confidence you and your partner may need right now.

Confidence is one of the most attractive qualities in a person, but if you’re (understandably!) not feeling too fabulous at the moment, it’s worth spending a few minutes doing something just for you:

  • Go for a walk.
  • Soak in the bath.
  • Shave your legs.
  • Blow dry your hair.
  • Paint your toenails.
  • Put on something that makes you feel good…

You don’t need to go out to wear something fabulous. Make a date with your partner. Give yourself a reason to dress up again. Make an effort for each other. A date night in might reignite more than just your sense of style!


Here’s 10 simple ideas for a Date Night at Home:


1.  Have a Coffee Catch-Up

Start Date Night early! Dedicate some time to linger over a coffee (take-away or home brewed) without distraction, and just chat. It is important to set some quality time aside every day to talk with your partner and catch up on how you’re both feeling.


2.  Takeout by Candlelight

A lot of high-end restaurants now offer takeaway only menus. Help keep your favourite local restaurant alive by ordering something fancy and eating it at home by candlelight.


3.  Cook Something New Together

Get creative in the kitchen together. Afterall, a change is as good as a holiday! Try one of those elaborate recipes you've always been tempted by but never had the time to try. Savour the process as much as the end result.


4.  Movie Night

Put the kids to bed early and cuddle up on the couch with a new release on Netflix. The more action and suspense the better! Make sure you treat yourself to some wine and you’re your favourite snacks, including the all-important popcorn.


5.  Just Dance

Remember when you first started going out and you used to dance at nightclubs together? Bring it back. Set up a playlist with your old favourites on Spotify and dance the night away in your loungeroom.


6.  Have an Indoor Picnic

Put the kids to bed, lay out a blanket, light some candles, turn the TV off and have a picnic inside. Or even venture into your backyard if it’s a warmer night.


7.  Reminisce Over the Good Old Days

Now’s the time to get out your wedding photos or look through photos from when you first met. Talk about what it was that first attracted you to each other. Reminisce about your favourite memories. Put together a virtual "mixtape" on Spotify as your own personal soundtrack.


8.  Have a "Spa" Date

Light some candles. Give each other a massage. Take a bath together (if you'll fit!) Slip into your robes. Turn off the outside world and turn to each other.


9.  Plan Your Next Adventure

One day this will pass, and we’ll all appreciate the freedom to travel so much more travel. Start planning your next adventure, be it at home or overseas. Start a Pinterest board of your favourite destinations. Watch Lonely Planet’s daily travel escapes on Facebook for inspo (this one’s on our bucket list!) Give yourself something you can look forward to doing together.


10.  Have a Stay-Cation!

Talking about holidays, grab some margarita mix, get the hammock out, put your out of office on and have a holiday at home. Change your perspective and let your imagination run away with it.


Whatever you get up to, make sure you get dressed for the occasion and put on your killer outfit - the one that accentuates your best bits and makes you feel extra fabulous. And maybe shows a little unexpected skin.



Our new Long Sleeve Wrap Dress fits the bill perfectly: Silky soft and smooth against your skin, it looks and feels sexy. The neckline and wrap style flatters and nothing says “romance” like Rich Red!

Check out our Date Night Style collection for some more inspiration.

The perfect outfit is one that makes you feel good about yourself. It’s worth making that effort with your style and self-confidence not only for your partner’s sake, but for yours as well x


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