5 Ways You Can Still Celebrate Mother’s Day

Date Posted:20 April 2020 

Social distance, not emotional distance.




With restrictions remaining tight, it looks like we'll be spending Mother’s Day in lockdown. Mother’s Day can be an emotional time for many of us, and being separated from our mothers this year (no matter how old we are) will be hard. Especially if you have an elderly or high-risk mum that you’re worried about.

But just because we are social distancing, it doesn’t mean we have to emotionally distance ourselves from our mums. So, we have come up with 5 ways you can still celebrate with your mum this Mother’s Day:


5 ways you can still celebrate with your mum this Mother’s Day:


1.  Make a video

Your mum may not be with you but why not film bits and pieces of your days with the kids and have them (and you) film special messages for your mum. Use an easy program like iMovie to edit your film together and email it over so your mum doesn’t feel like she’s missing out on time with you.


2.  Send breakfast

You may not be able to visit your mum, but you can support a small, local business near her and order a takeaway breakfast to be delivered to her door. A nice way to make her feel loved and remembered with the bonus that you’ll be helping out a small business as well.


3.  Send a Surprise Hamper

Have the kids draw pictures, take photos, put some presents and treats in and send your mum a surprise Mother’s Day Hamper to open on the day. You can include anything that’s meaningful to your family. You could even include a fun list of family activities you are all going to do once everything is back to normal.


4.  Surprise decorations

If your mother lives close to you, and depending on restrictions in your state or territory, what about popping over to her house early in the morning to decorate her front lawn, write messages on the footpath in front of her house or stand on the front lawn to wave at her through the windows?  You could even leave a breakfast basket on her front doorstep.




5.  Send a present from Bamboo Body, gift wrapped by us.

Nothing says love like a gift from Bamboo Body. Send your mum some cosy new pyjamas, a new sleepwear robe or some comfy new loungewear. Our luxuriously soft, stylish and sustainable bamboo clothing is perfect for wearing at home (and out of the house, eventually!)

Take a look at our Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for some extra inspiration. We've included some special looks styled just for mums as well as our ever-popular wraps and Mother's Day Gift Vouchers so your mum can pick her own bamboo loveliness..


Free gift wrapping for your mum this Mother’s Day


We're offering free gift wrapping for all Mother’s Day gifts so you can send something lovely to your mum (or mother-in-law!) directly from us. You can also add detail of who is sending the gift, so you mum knows you’re thinking of her.

Just add code MOTHERSDAY at checkout, and we'll put everything together in a gift wrapped parcel for delivery to her door.

We know that nothing compares to being with your mum on Mother’s Day but hopefully these ideas will help until you can see her again.


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