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Summer Work Outfits

Now that workplaces are starting to open again, it's time to get back into the swing of things and get your summer workwear wardrobe sorted! First, we need to acknowledge the shift of dress codes; even before the pandemic workplaces were changing their office dress codes to make space for more diverse, expressive styles. Since the pandemic started, remote working has allowed for a more casual approach, from leggings and slouchy pants to oversized comfy shirts and sweaters. With people starting to return to the office, this look has somewhat stuck, and business-casual has been introduced. Strict corporate has quickly become a thing of the past (for most) and there is more of a fusion between comfort and corporate. Luckily for you, the entire Bamboo Body collection is business-casual friendly and ultra-comfortable so no matter what style you choose to wear, it will work for your casual work environment. We've helped kick off your summer workwear capsule with our favourite comfy and corporate picks. 


Long Ruched Skirt, Black