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Prioritising Inclusive Sizing

At Bamboo Body we follow the motto ‘Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good’. In this week’s blog post we’re discussing the ‘Feel Good’ by reintroducing inclusive sizing.

When Elouise and Amanda founded Bamboo Body back in 2005, it was their goal to create bamboo clothing for everyone. Rewinding back to the 00’s, it was hard to find clothing made from eco-conscious, sustainable fabrics and plus sizes weren’t easily accessible. "So many women cannot purchase fashion because it is not available to them" - Shawn Grain Carter, professor of Fashion Business at The Fashion Institute of Technology. In addition to being difficult to find, plus sizes hardly allowed women to feel beautiful, comfortable and sexy. While loose clothing was cut to disguise women's curves and bright colours and patterns were almost banned, it was testing for women to accentuate their beauty.

Not only curvy, similar issues have been encountered by all unique sizes including petite, tall and junior. The concept of inclusive sizing is breaking down these barriers and introducing a new approach to these sizes; one that gives everybody the same opportunity to be themselves and 'feel good' in their own body.

Bamboo Body launched its first collection in early 2006 with six styles in five sizes. Along the way, customer feedback was taken into consideration and we gradually introduced new styles for different body types along with increasing the size range in almost all styles. We believe inclusivity goes beyond a size 18. While at the same time, not forgetting those customers who fall into the categories of petite, tall, junior and small. We have now made our clothing range more inclusive by introducing plus size women's clothing up to 4XL (men's 4XL currently in the works) and working towards including more petite styles by re-introducing size XXS.

"Millenial and Gen Z shoppers want to feel a connection to a brand, this is hard when the models wearing the clothing only represent a small segment of the buying group" - Michael Felice, principal at A.T Kearney. Our goal at BB is to make sure each customer feels represented. Throughout the Bamboo Body website, you'll begin to see images of a size XS alongside a size S and XXL figure, giving you realistic ideas of how the product will look on you. We've added below some photos from a recent shoot we did with the beautiful Lauren. She is a size XL/XXL and 180 cm tall. 

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback regarding our extended size range in the comments below.