The Problem with Plastic

Author: Mel Broughton   Date Posted:19 June 2018 

Read about how Bamboo Body is playing their part in the war on waste.





At Bamboo Body we know that what we do has an impact on our environment. With the popularity of ecommerce platforms and delivery services the amount of packaging used has increased. With increased popularity comes the need for efficient packaging processes which often involves the excessive use of plastic.


But at Bamboo Body we want to be different! We know that plastic has a devastating impact on our environment so we are committed to using no plastic in our parcels.


We have chosen to individually wrap your packages in recyclable paper so with your help we can guarantee that our packaging will have a second life! And what’s more special than receiving a brown paper parcel wrapped just for you! We also print our catalogues and promotional material on recycled paper for that extra earth love.


We know there’s always more that we can do to reduce the use of plastic. As our business grows and expands we keep sustainability at the forefront always looking for new ways to reduce and recycle.


We’ve only got one earth so lets not live like we don’t!


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thank you

By: on 10 July 2018
That commitment makes buying your brand 100% more likely than similar that do not commit to the environment. Thank you.


By: on 30 June 2018
I totally agree. We have no Earth 2 to go to! I wish all businesses were as responsible.

Bamboo Body Cares For The Environment

By: on 20 June 2018
I was delighted to read the policy Bamboo Body provides to ts customers on the use of plastic. We are being inundated with this material which is very harmful to the environment. Recyclable brown paper is a fine alternative and preserves the environment from the harmful alternative. I congratulate the company for its consideration to mankind and nature and for its attempts to minimize the danger of plastic wrapping. Thank you for advising your customers of your sensible policy. I hope other companies will follow suit.

Way to go Bamboo Body!

By: on 19 June 2018
I am so pleased that you are ditching the plastic packaging! I was so glad to see my package and items all paper wrapped and that I was able to place the packaging in the recycling bin, Great initiative. Thank you.

Saying no to plastic

By: on 19 June 2018
I love your attitude, thanks Bamboo Body! I love your products too.

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