5 Easy Ways to Reduce Waste

Author: Mel Broughton   Date Posted:29 March 2018 

Learn about 5 easy ways you can reduce your waste today.


Do you want to start living a more sustainable lifestyle but don’t know how? Then here are some simple steps to start you on your journey.

I have set myself a challenge. But a simple challenge I know I can accomplish. 

I would consider myself a newbie to the world of eco living, a novice on a journey of discovery.

Honestly I used to get scared deciding whether something can or can’t be recycled. Instead of fretting I would put everything in the general rubbish bin! 

But there are some simple steps we can all take on our way to living a more sustainable life. All you have to do is make some swaps!


1. Coffee Conscious

We’ve probably all heard this one before but its so simple! If you’re a regular coffee drinker then you would be aware of the amount of disposable coffee cups one can go through. Simply swap your disposable cup for a reusable one, it’s that easy.


2. Natural Beauty

Exfoliating is an important part of anyone’s skin regime but unfortunately many contain microbeads, harmful small pieces of plastic that find their way into our oceans. These micro pieces of plastic are then digested by fish making permanent damage to our ecosystem. 

But here’s a fun alternative you can create from some common household items: 

Sugar, honey, oats and olive oil are all commonly used ingredients in home made exfoliators. Mix these together until they form a paste, ready to rejuvenate your skin.

Or simply pick an exfoliator that uses a natural exfoliant. 


3. Package Less

The world is actually making it easy for us to use less waste! Find your closest organic food shop that doesn’t use any packaging. Invest in some containers or maybe even some old jars to store your dry goods in.

You can buy small quantities too so you only have to buy what you really need. 


4. Bamboo Toothbrush

Simply buy a different tooth brush! Instead of your toothbrushes sitting in landfill for thousands of years you can invest in a bamboo toothbrush that decompose over time, leading to a care free brushing experience.


5. Reusable Bags

As we are moving towards a zero plastic bag society be wise with your choice of bag. Unfortunately a lot of the reusable bags aren’t very visually appealing. Instead invest in a cute tote that you can use as a re-usable plastic bag for all of those quick shops or even create your own out of old unused clothing. If you like them enough they can even double as an everyday bag!


If you have any more handy tips and ideas post them below, we would love to hear from you!



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An extra way for coffee lovers to reduce waste

By: on 8 October 2018
Hi Mel, Great post! As well as your first point, coffee lovers can now reduce their waste by joining a ReUse Club for their coffee bags. It's run by a coffee roaster and you can check out the details at www.roastedon.com.au Cheers Nick

Bamboo Body Response
Cool idea, thanks for the tip!

Love your comments

By: on 30 March 2018
Hi, I'm a member. I salute you for these ideas, many of which I'm practicing. I wish more people were aware of these simple steps. The reusable sandwich bags are awesome. I've never used plastic beads. I love my bamboo toothbrush. I always look for beauty products that are simple and whose containers can be recycled. Cheers, Barbara Pecze

Bamboo Body Response
Thanks Barbara! You're right they are simple steps, but every step counts!

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