Winter Layering

Author: Mel Broughton   Date Posted:26 May 2017 

How to layer your look this Winter.


I love winter.

It’s a statement that I proudly declare every year as it begins to get cold.

But I have been straight up lying to myself!

I DO NOT love the dark mornings or being unable to keep myself warm. Or trying to muster up the mental strength to get out of the hot shower or even just out of bed!

But I DO love the things associated with this chilly season. Hot choccies, movie nights, electric blankets and especially… winter fashion!

As a winter layering veteran this inaugural blog post is dear to my wannabe fashionista heart. Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.


1. First things first…

Start with a piece of clothing that allows room for multiple layers on top. At Bamboo Body we have got you covered. With a plethora of long sleeve tops to choose from I would recommend our Long Sleeve Layering Top, Christina Long Sleeve Scoop or Turtle Neck Top. For this look we have gone with Christina.The full-length sleeve will keep you warm while allowing the layering to begin!



2. Don’t abandon your summer wardrobe!

A sleeveless summer dress is perfect for your next layer. Investing in year round items is not only cost efficient but environmentally conscious. The Adele dress is the perfect all-rounder. Summer or Winter, glamming up or keeping it casual. Adele can be that dress for you.

(Say hello to Catherine, model extraordinaire/Wholesale Coordinator)



3. Leg Hibernation


It’s winter, so understandably the legs go into hibernation. Concealing the legs is easy with our very popular layering leggings. They are comfy, versatile and essential for layering in winter. 



4. The adaptable “just in case” layer

Crucial for location changes and unpredictable conditions, this final layer is the best friend who never lets you down. It can also totally change the look, transforming a dress into a skirt and top combo. The Hi Lo Superfine Knit is the perfect final layer with it’s soft and warm bamboo/cashmere blend.




5. The finishing touches


And there you have it, a completed look! Pair it with some cute ankle boots and you’re ready to go.





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