Author: Mel Broughton   Date Posted:12 March 2018 

Discover your perfect little black dress.



Unless you're an impulse buyer (no judgement, we all have our moments!) a lot of us have questions we go through when deciding whether or not to buy that new dress we have been desiring. 


Some of the questions may be:


1. Is it ethical and sustainable?

2. Will I get good worth for wear?

3. Do I really need it?

4. Do I look cute in it?



When it comes to the little black dress (or LBD) you'll be able to answer each question with a resounding yes!


1. First of all you've come to the right place for ethical and sustainable fashion.


2. The LBD is a wardrobe essential for its versatility. Whether it's dressing it up or keeping it casual, there's a multitude of ways to wear this classic dress.


3. The LBD's timeless nature allows you to wear it to any occassion, a simple black dress never goes out of style. 


4. At Bamboo Body there’s a black dress for any shape or style.


I’ve collected all of Bamboo Body’s black dresses and consolidated them into a digital lookbook appropriately named The Little Book of Little Black Dresses, so have a peruse and find you’re favourite.








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