6 Items To Get You Through Summer

Author: Mel Broughton   Date Posted:5 January 2018 

These 6 items will be all you need this Summer!


Whether it’s a tropical getaway, weekend away or just a day in the sun this list of Bamboo Body clothes will help you make the most of your summer days.

Here are 3 tops and 3 bottoms you can mix and match all summer long.





1. The Pia Bamboo Tee

New to our range the Pia Bamboo Tee is great for when you need a bit more protection from the harsh sun. Made from our SPF 50+ jersey fabric for your peace of mind. Also available in classic white!


2. Woven Bamboo Blouse

You will get some serious summer holiday vibes in this one. Pair it with the shorts for a cute day trip outfit or keep it relaxed by wearing it unbuttoned over your swimmers.


3. Relaxed Singlet

It’s light, it’s easy and it’s going to go with everything. Wear it with the culottes for an unbeatable casual combo.





4. Woven Bamboo Shorts

The Woven Shorts are the perfect alternative to your denim shorts. The soft and cool fabric is comfortable and stylish. Match it back with any of the tops above, keep it cute with the soft pink Pia Top or have some fun with the Rain Dance print.


5. Double Layer Tube Skirt

It’s easy and comfortable. Pair it with your relaxed singlet or Pia top and you have a casual look you can wear everyday. Choose the Double Layer Tube Skirt for its 2 layers of bamboo fabric to give you that extra comfort and confidence.


6. Bamboo Culottes

Great for when you still want to cover your legs but don’t want to wear jeans. With its lightweight fabric and relaxed fit the bamboo culottes are perfect for lounging around the house. Match them with the Woven Blouse for a stylish new look.



All of these styles come in multiple colours so find your favourite colour combo and share your outfits with us @bamboobodyau!


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