Photoshoot Styling

Author: Mel Broughton   Date Posted:28 February 2019 

Catherine and Mel get creative.


Our recent photoshoot was a bit different. Continue reading to see how Catherine and I got creative and made a little floral set.







We had recently been inspired by the floristry trend of using dead palm fronds to create a textured backdrop. So we gathered our creative thoughts and started scrolling through Pinterest for some inspiration.





Everyone here at team Bamboo Body was on the look out. We were scouting up and down the coast for pampas grass and palm fronds so we could create our vision. Along with Catherine taking a trip to the flower markets and finding some dried babies breath in the warehouse we were able to start constructing.





We pretty much just went for it! We put the large fluffy pampas grass in first then created layers by cutting everything at different lengths. We finished by hiding the bottom of the base by cutting up the palms and using a hot glue gun to attach them.



The Shoot


Our Autumn + Winter collection will be launched very soon, stay tuned to see how we styled our creative set.






















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