Design Story: The Floral Print

Author: Mel Broughton   Date Posted:30 July 2018 

Take a closer look into the design process behind our latest print.




Floral prints and Spring are a match made in heaven. So when it came to designing a print for Spring I knew it was time for Bamboo Body’s first floral print. Quite quickly I had the idea of designing the floral print with a black background so that’s where I began my design process.




Subject Matter:

Something that I think is really important in the design process is drawing from real life, making your own interpretation of nature. The flowers you can see in the final design are based on the images of pressed flowers you can see below. When you have a look at the drawings you will be able to see how they have a flat quality that I’ve tried to imitate from the original images.







There have been a lot of floral prints around at the moment that have a solid black colour as their backdrop. I think this style is so popular because you get the colour pop from the flowers but the black allows it to remain subtle and sophisticated. With that in mind I drew delicate flowers trying to keep that sophistication while also giving it some flow and whimsy.










Once I had finished drawing the flowers I scanned them into the computer and began playing around with colours and layouts. Now I played around with the colours for a very long time! There’s a limitless amount of colour combinations you can do but through experimentation I landed on a pale shade of blue. 






This print will be available in 5 different styles, all of which can be kept casual or dressed up. The print is sophisticated and fun at the same time so enjoy styling it your own way. Pair the print back with white to give it a fresh Spring look or wear it with denim to keep it casual.





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