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Author: Mel Broughton   Date Posted:21 November 2017 

Get to know the people behind Ecolateral.





We are starting a new segment called Meet Our Stockist!

Each Blog post will celebrate one of the many stores across Australia that stock Bamboo Body. You’ll get insight into who they are, where they are and the why behind their store. 


If you live in South Australia this one is for you. Read up on Ecolateral’s origin story and then go experience their store for yourself!





Who: Liddy’s store Ecolateral

Where: 411 Magill Road St Morris SA

When:  Mon – Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm Saturday 9.00am – 4.00pm



1. When and how did your store begin?


My husband Ian and I opened Ecolateral in 2007 following years of frustration trying to find environmentally and socially responsible products for ourselves. We decided it was important for people to find a good range of products under one roof to encourage and motivate a move to a more sustainable lifestyle. It took us 12 months to find the right products and location to begin our venture. Our first store was soon too small and we moved to larger premises a little down the road from our first location in 2009. 




2. What do you love about your location, St Morris Adelaide?


We chose the location because there were already a number of environmentally focused stores (jewellery and baby), an organic hairdresser, organic butcher and organic café, in the area which were all doing reasonably well.  It was also important to be just 15min from home to reduce our travel miles.



3. What do you love about Bamboo Body?


We love Bamboo Body because the ethos and hence the management of the business, aligns with ours, the garments are well made, the fabrics are amazing and the many designs mean we have something for all ages and shapes. The timely introduction of new designs and fabrics means we can rely on Bamboo Body to keep our customers happy. The support we get from all the staff at Bamboo Body is also awesome. 





4. Tell us a bit about your shop.


Ecolateral is a reasonable size shop offering all things to do with living a more sustainable life. We go across categories including organic food, cleaning, body care and make up, bed and bath linens, books, toys, baby products and all sorts of homeware lines and, of course, sustainable fashion and accessories. 

We have built a loyal customer base through trust and exceptional service (a policy not a bragging point). 

We speak at schools and participate in events all around Adelaide whenever we can to educate, encourage and motivate people to live more sustainably. 



5. Why have you decided to only stock eco clothing?


Ecolateral is all about looking after our environment so we couldn’t stock garments that could not demonstrate that being environmentally and socially responsible was a part of their business plan.

We introduced sustainable fashion in 2012 with Hemp, Bamboo and Organic Cotton brands. The customer soon made it clear that their favourite brand was Bamboo Body so 85% of our stock is now Bamboo Body. The Garment Life Cycle document is really important to our customers as they feel comfortable that the fabric and the garments are manufactured responsibly. Bamboo sometimes gets a bad wrap in the electronic media particularly, so we ensure our customers understand that, like any other fabric, there are good and bad operators.



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