Meet Our Stockists: Boutique Eco

Author: Mel Broughton   Date Posted:23 February 2018 

Get to know the people behind Boutique Eco.







Tegan Arnold

Store: Boutique Eco

Where: Dunsborough & Margaret River 

Trading Hours: 7 Days a Week, Online store coming in 2018 …. Watch this space! 


Socials: @boutiqueeco & facebook Boutique Eco 



1. When and how did your store begin?


Our stores are 12 & 10 years old respectively, beginning with the foundation of natural fibers are better for you and the environment. We began selling natural fashion as we felt a need to bring beautiful unique fashion to our area and highlight the luxury of eco fabrics. The quality, the feel and the longevity are unsurpassed in any other fashion ranges. 



2. What do you love about your location? 


We possibly live in the top tourist areas in the world, Dunsborough & Margaret River, Western Australia. The ocean, wineries and country meet and we get many seasons which is great for fashion. You get to dress casually, rug up and glam up all in one area. We have some fabulous tourist attractions, unique shopping and huge food and wine followings. 



3. Why have you decided to stock Bamboo Body in your store?


Bamboo over the years has become one of the main fabrics women & men search for. Once you wear bamboo you can’t go back. The fabric is so versatile, it breathes, travels well and lasts for years. Our ethos is luxury eco product and Bamboo Body ticks all these boxes. My favourite Bamboo Body pieces are the maxi dress & the tees. 



4. Tell us a bit about your shop.


Our stores are destinations in the tourist areas as we offer 7 days shopping experience, with unique products made from natural fibres & concepts. We have a lot of International travellers who really appreciate Australia fashion and our concept. Travellers really understand the importance of wearing natural fibres on the body so showing them Bamboo Body really gets them excited. Some have never see bamboo made into a product which is so fabulous to be able to educate them. 



5. What’s the best part of having your own store?


Being a buyer for over 10 years I still get a huge kick out of dressing people, changing their style and improving their confidence. I am very proud that our stores can fit women size 6-22, the smile on their faces when they find something that fits and is comfortable & stylish is the best part of owning my own store. 



6. Why have you decided to focus on eco products?


12 years ago when we started there were not many ‘eco’ businesses, but we were well aware of the benefits for the body, mind and environment that providing a natural ethos was going to pay off for everyone involved – especially the environment.


If you're interested in becoming a Bamboo Body stockist follow this link:



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