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Date Posted:8 April 2021 


This week, we chat to Bamboo Body's Designers, Mel & Elouise on the new knitwear collection and their inspiration behind these cosy styles.


Where did the inspiration start for the Knitwear collection?

Mel: For this knitwear collection we really wanted to create classic timeless knits that will slot into anyone's wardrobe. That's why we've brought back two very popular styles, the Duster Jacket and the Travel Wrap. Plus, we felt like there was room for a stylish Turtleneck.

Elouise: We carefully considered longevity for this knitwear collection. If was important that the collection was simple, versatile and timeless. The bamboo, cashmere and wool blend fabric is so beautiful to wear so we wanted to compliment it with styles and colours that could be worn season after season, year after year.


What was your Inspiration for colours and fabrics?

Mel: In this collection we wanted to introduce our thickest knit blend we've ever done. After requests for a thicker knit we doubled the ply from 3 to 6 for our new Turtleneck Knit. The thicker ply works perfectly with the boxy silhouette and cosy feel of the Turtleneck. We wanted the colours to look classic and be able to fit into anyone's wardrobe. We chose camel because it's a classic winter colour that suits all skin tones. We also chose a moody ink blue as an alternative from black and burnt brick for when you want to add a little warmth to your wardrobe. With these three colours we felt that there's something for everyone.

Elouise: It was important for the colours to follow our original inspiration for the collection. Dark ink blue, camel and a rustic red are timeless colours that will never go out of fashion.  We chose the bamboo, cashmere, wool fabric blend as it is luxuriously soft.  We increased the thickness of the fabric in the Duster Jacket and the Turtleneck Knit to provide extra warmth.  



What is your favourite piece?

Mel: Definitely the Turtleneck Knit.


Elouise: All 3 pieces have a place in my wardrobe but my most loved would have to be the Travel Wrap.



How would you style these pieces?

Mel: I'm looking forward to styling the Turtleneck Knit with a midi skirt and boots this winter.


Elouise: The Travel Wrap is perfect for adding extra warmth. It is so soft and snuggly and goes with just about anything. I wear it as a wrap over dresses and more formal outfits. I also wear it like a scarf with jeans and a top. I always have it in my carry on luggage when travelling.



Any design features? What do you like about the fit?

Mel: Something that I'm really happy about is the fit of the Turtlenck Knit. It has a drop shoulder and slightly slouchy fit - it's perfect for layering and feeling cosy.


Elouise: The Travel Wrap is such a versatile size. It is big enough to wear as a shawl or wrap but also small enough to comfortably wear as a scarf.



How should you care for these knits?

These beautiful knits have a fabric blend of bamboo, cashmere and wool. When caring for your knits, make sure to wash in cold water with like colours. Don’t tumble dry and lay it flat to dry. When storing your knits, try to avoid hanging and instead, fold them neatly in your cupboard. Easy!



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