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Bamboo Body - committed to the environment and its inhabitants
The textile industry is one of the biggest industries in the world and it is locked in a cycle of chronic un-sustainability. The key sustainability issues include over consumption, the huge amount of water and pesticide use in cotton farming, and synthetics made from non-renewable, non-degradable oil by-products.

The founders of Bamboo Body are passionate about the environment. With the philosophy of look good, feel good, do good, Bamboo Body offer a sustainable alternative to cotton and synthetic material textiles. Made from sustainable, renewable bamboo, the Bamboo Body collection is trans-seasonal, versatile and classically stylish.

There are limited resources in our world and it is important that these are managed in a sustainable way. Bamboo Body are involved in a number of programs and initiatives aimed at protecting the environment and helping to improve access to basic necessities for the poorer communities of the world.

Bamboo Body supports the World Vision “Water Health Life” program
We have taken water for granted for so long in Australia. Now in drought, we are learning to appreciate this precious resource. Luckily, we still have clean water for drinking, and it is available “on tap” in most places. This is not the case for many poorer communities.

Water Health Life is a program designed specifically to address the problem of dirty water and poor sanitation among the world’s poorest communities.

Visit their website for more information. This is a long term program that provides practical solutions to water problems. Planned activities include protecting springs, drilling boreholes and building rainwater tanks.

Bamboo Body supports the WWF
The WWF are involved in so many worthwhile initiatives to help protect the worlds threatened plants and animals. The WWF states their ultimate goal is to “build a future where people live in harmony with nature”.

The WWF logo is the endangered bamboo munching panda. The WWF state that the panda is their logo because

"We wanted an animal that is beautiful, is endangered, and one loved by people around the world. We also wanted an animal that symbolised all that was disappearing in the natural world."

The WWF is involved in projects worldwide. Australian WWF projects include ending land clearing, addressing climate change and protecting our fresh water, marine and land environments.

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