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Bamboo Body socks are a real treat for your feet.  Once you try them you will not want to wear anything else.  The socks are super soft, extremely comfortable and have a cool, dry feel on your feet.
Bamboo Body have a variety of bamboo sock styles available including our black Bamboo Business Socks, white Bamboo Sport Socks, Bamboo Ankle Socks and our extra Thick Bamboo Socks.  
All of our socks are simple, good quality styles that are perfect for every day wear.  Each style is unisex and loved by men and women around the world.
It is claimed that Bamboo Socks have anti-bacterial and anti-odour properties.  Many of our customers have told us that they can wear our socks for days without changing them and that they still feel fresh and comfortable.  We have also had many people with foot odour problems say that our bamboo socks beat the stink!
Bamboo Socks are also breathable and can wick away sweat keeping your feet nice and dry.
Available in classic black or white, Bamboo Body have a style to suit everyone.  With economical value packs available, Bamboo Body socks are great value.  Make sure you grab a pair for every day of the week!